WhatsApp Users can now Exchange Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens

Social messaging applications such as WhatsApp are quite popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It now seems that service providers are building dedicated products for these users.

Gaby and Bancor are partnering to bring more cryptocurrency services to WhatsApp.

Converting Digital Assets Through WhatsApp

A remarkable decision, albeit one that can also boost global adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins.

The goal of this partnership is to facilitate the exhcange of established digital assets.

Those include Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, with potentially more to be added in the future.

Under the hood, Bancor and Gaby use Bancor’s smart contracts.

Those have been integrated into Gaby Wallet.

It is always interesting to see what a cross-over between smart contracts and a cross-platform network focusing on blockchain for social communities can bring to the table.

In this case, it appears that managing crypto holdings through WhatsApp is one option being explored.

WhatsApp remains one of the biggest social messaging platforms in the world.

It has a very large user base, making it a perfect target for cryptocurrency-oriented projects.

Other basic functionality is provided as well, including sending and receiving funds.

Users will not need to download extra software, as all conversions are taking place through WhatsApp directly.

It is expected that more features will be rolled out in the months to come.