Meet GEMS – bitcoin based social messaging

Gems – a bitcoin based social messaging


When we say social media or social messaging the first thing that pops into our heads is facebook or twitter. We have seen the power of social media platforms and the sheer profits they generate from advertisements. Platforms such as Facebook — which was recently estimated by bloomberg to be valued over $200 billion — and Twitter, offer the top paying advertisers the most visibility for their ads. Now imagine if they offered an incentive to be active on these platforms. This is where GEMS come in, the Gems network will distribute tokens, called “gems,” that will both represent the value and utility of the system, and reward users for their participation. The app will incorporate advertising, but companies will have to acquire tokens and pay them to the users in order for the ads to receive views on the network.

Where/How do I get “gems”

gems (1)

Daily airdrop of gems – Every day, ~27,500 gems are air dropped from the Exodus Address. The ecosystem automatically distributes these gems between users according to their relative network contribution. Contribution is measured by the number of active daily users which were introduced by you to the network so far.

GEMS is an altcoin of its own which runs on a separate blockchain. It differs because it is backed by the GEMS social messaging app. Furthermore, you do not have to own any gems in order to use the app, you can use bitcoin as well. For you tech junkies here are the specs of the gems altcoin:

100 million GEMS is the total currency supply in the GENESIS BLOCK. Eventual supply is achieved as follows: 50 million Gems distributed to stakeholders; 30 million Gems distributed as daily Airdrop rewards during ~3 years after launch; 12 million Gems reserved for bonus block rewards, promotion, marketing, bounties; 8 million Gems + Presale BTC will fund the network R&D and operation costs.

How do I start using GEMS?

The app is not currently available and there will be a beta release coming towards the end of December. If you are an investor looking for an early start you can participate in the GEMS presale which is scheduled to happen in 7 hours on 12/1/14. You can visit THIS LINK for an exact time of the presale.

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