What is Tippr?

Cryptocurrency tipbots have always been greatly appreciated by both novice and experienced users across social media platforms. Most of these tools have found a home on Reddit, which is still one of the go-to places for discussion on various cryptocurrencies. One of the most famous tipbots of all time was DogeTipBot, though a transition was made to SoDogeTip after the DogeTipBot fiasco. It turns out Bitcoin Cash also has its own tipbot, known as Tippr.

Tippr is a Bitcoin Cash Tipbot for Reddit

It is good to see developers continuing to pay close attention to tipbots. These tools make it easy for others to reward people online for sharing ideas and solutions with the rest of the world. They can also be used as a donation system of sorts when people are genuinely trying to get some money together for good causes. Not all tipbots succeed in the long run, though, as DogeTipBot had to be shut down completely due to a lack of funds not too long ago.

One of the main tipping bots used across social media platforms was acquired by a larger company not too long ago. ChangeTip was a very popular service among Bitcoin users and provided many different use cases for a long while. Its built-in functionality across Twitter and several other platforms certainly helped move things along as well. Unfortunately, ChangeTip is now pulling the plug, as the team will be focusing on bigger and better ventures moving forward. This means that there are very few tipbots in the Bitcoin world right now.

One of the remaining solutions goes by the name of Tippr and is designed to bring Bitcoin Cash to the masses. Whether or not that is the most sensible approach remains to be seen, but it certainly makes a lot of sense right now. Bitcoin Cash is gaining traction and many people would like it to succeed. Having a dedicated tipbot on Reddit is one possible way to ensure that, but it is no guarantee for success. The project was launched not too long ago, and is now available for use throughout all of Reddit.

The functionality of Tippr is the same as one would expect with any other online tipbot. Users simply issue tips using the Reddit command “/u/tippr/ tip x BCC,” where X represents the tip amount in numbers. It is a very simple and convenient way to reward community members for their efforts and knowledge. It may also introduce more use cases for BCH moving forward. Although some may not see the benefit of this project, Tippr can help bring Bitcoin Cash to the masses. Whether it will or not remains to be determined.

Tippr is just a side project of the Rocketr effort, which encompasses quite a few things related to Bitcoin Cash. Most of its features are still under wraps for the time being, but we expect more information to be released in the next few days and weeks. It is good to see a Bitcoin Cash tipbot make its way into the project, as it provides a valuable service. The bigger question is whether or not this tipbot can bring Bitcoin Cash to the people outside of the BCH community moving forward.

So far, it appears the Bitcoin Cash community has taken a liking to Tippr. Comments on Reddit indicate this bot works quite well and responds very quickly, which are two very important traits for such a bot. This tipbot may also push the Bitcoin Cash network quite a bit to include more transactions on the network. After all, the blocks on the network are not even near their full capacity right now. With a few hundred smaller transactions emanating every single day thanks to Tippr, that situation may come to change pretty quickly. All things considered, Tippr is a more-than-valuable addition to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.