What Is the Litecoin Community Alliance?

Litecoin has proven to be one of the more stable cryptocurrencies in existence today. Even though the currency saw its value increase nearly tenfold in the past year, it has not yet seen a major correction. LTC development is moving forward, and the Litecoin Community Alliance was formed not too long ago. Let’s take a look at what the latter is exactly.

The Litecoin Community Alliance is Recruiting

Promoting Litecoin will require a lot of effort. Merchants and retailers are not too keen on using Bitcoin, let alone venturing into the world of altcoins these days. The companies which do already accept Bitcoin may be more amenable to dealing with LTC payments in the future. As it happens, there are plenty of ways to integrate LTC payments without too many problems. Some cryptocurrency payment processors even support both currencies, making things easier.

The Litecoin Community Alliance was formed to harness the power of the LTC community in developing the business of Litecoin. For the time being, this initiative is still in its very early stages. Without people doing some work, the initiative will not go far. Everyone working for the Litecoin Community Alliance will do it on a pro bono basis and will not receive a financial compensation for their efforts.

Finding volunteers to fill the ranks may prove to be a challenge. The Litecoin community is growing every single month, but there are a lot of people keeping an eye on things just for monetary gains rather than long-term support. However, the people who want to see the LTC price go up can benefit from getting involved with the Litecoin Community Alliance as well. Boosting LTC adoption will eventually make the price go up faster compared to doing nothing and watching charts all day.

The alliance is currently looking to fill a plethora of positions. There are various branches focusing on marketing, public relations, revenue, operations, community outreach, and vision coordination. The structure for this project is pretty professional. All things considered, between 50 and 75 people will be recruited to get things going over the next few months. Anyone who is interested in filling any of these positions can get in touch through Slack or fill in the associated spreadsheet, as outlined in a recent Reddit post.

The Litecoin Community Alliance is not replacing the Litecoin Foundation by any means. Both organizations will follow similar paths in many respects, but it is good to see the community getting more engaged in the future of Litecoin. So far, a dozen positions have been filled already, indicating that the community seems to be taking a liking to this concept. Media coordinators are in high demand right now, and no one has successfully volunteered for this position just yet.

All things considered, the Litecoin Community Alliance could be a valuable initiative. Since no money is changing hands, the effort relies on the goodwill of all participants. Involving cryptocurrency community members in an effort to promote the use of Litecoin to both consumers and retailers will be quite interesting when looking at it as a social experiment. People’s interest in this sort of job tends to wane unless significant progress is made quickly.