What is the Interplanetary Database?

Ethereum enthusiasts will be very familiar with the IPDB concept. IPDB stands for Interplanetary Database, and it is an interesting take on providing database services to the entire world. This blockchain-based database brings a lot of refreshing answers to age-old problems. It is a good time to take a closer look at what this concept means exactly, and how it may affect the future of blockchain technology.

A Closer Look At The Interplanetary Database

On paper, the Interplanetary Database – referred to as IPDB from now on – can be used to build a much better and decentralized internet for everyone. This global database is accessible by anyone, everywhere, and on any device one can think of. The concept is created with creators and identity in mind first and foremost.

What IPDB does best is create a new way to manage personal data, privacy, and even an online reputation. To ensure all information is kept secure, the concept uses secure attribution metadata and links to media files. Such a flexible approach to database solutions is quite a novelty, and it may very well become the new universal standard in the future. In fact, IPDB can support any type of application one can think of, ranging from finances to energy distribution and anything in between.

Governance is an important aspect when it comes to decentralized technology. A lot of people feel decentralization can’t succeed because of the lack of central governance. Blockchain technology often struggles with this concept as well. The IPDB Foundation has come up with a solution, which revolves around human involvement and existing laws. It is a different approach compared to technocratic fixes and building new models that eventually result in some form of centralization.

Since no one entity or user controls the database provided by IPDB technology, there is no way to shut down the infrastructure either. This also benefits universal accessibility, which is one of the selling points of IPDB as a whole. Decentralizing the Internet around the world is a top priority, although it will take a lot of time until that can become a reality. Eventually, the IPDB platform will become accessible to everyone, everywhere on any type of device they want to use.

As people might expect, the IPDB project has been under development for quite some time now. The developers successfully created a test net for the demo app, and they are currently in the process of allowing invited users to get a hands-on approach with this technology. It is unclear how long this process takes, but the next step is to open the test net for the general public.

It is thanks to decentralized processing on platforms such as Ethereum we can soon enjoy a decentralized internet. Various projects built on top of Ethereum are trying to decentralize different aspects of the internet already. However, the IPDB project will be a network operating a decentralized database, which will open up a lot of additional opportunities over time. It is quite an exciting development, to say the least.

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