What Is the FBC Bitcoin Trust?

Providing consumers with convenient ways to invest in Bitcoin has proven to be a lucrative business. Various companies already provide such services, but there is always room for additional competition. The FBC Bitcoin Trust is a new Canada-based offering from First Block Capital and FrontFundr. It will provide Canadian residents, traders, investors, and speculators with an easy way to invest in cryptocurrency without having to buy Bitcoin themselves.

The FBC Bitcoin Trust is Open for Business

It is not surprising to see entrepreneurs explore the Bitcoin ecosystem for new investing opportunities. Rather than creating yet another ICO, launching an investment fund makes a lot more sense. It will also be appreciated by the general public, rather than simply people who are already knee-deep in cryptocurrency to begin with. We must grow the Bitcoin ecosystem if we want cryptocurrency to succeed, rather than fish from the same pond over and over again.

This new venture is a created by First Block Capital. With the FBC Bitcoin Trust, accredited investors will get exposure to Bitcoin without buying and securing cryptocurrency themselves. This is an excellent way to get more people excited about the concept of Bitcoin. We can only hope the Canadian public will show a keen interest in this venture during the coming months and years.

FBC Bitcoin Trust co-founder Sean Clark commented:

“Our team is excited to bring new opportunities for investors in Canada. Being a market leader in the cryptocurrency space will only open more doors and create new investment avenues. As demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increases, it’s important for us to help educate the market and provide an accessible avenue for people to invest.”

What is rather remarkable is how so few people have heard about FBC Bitcoin Trust so far. The team did secure regulatory approval from the B.C. Securities Commission, which is an important milestone. This new fund is the first registered investment fund manager in Canada with the sole intent to provide access to cryptocurrency investments. Count this one as another notch in the belt for both Canada and Bitcoin.

No one can deny cryptocurrency has become a lot more popular this year. That change was mainly driven by major cryptocurrencies appreciating in value in spectacular fashion. These investment funds are a novel form of investment not only for cryptocurrency but also the countries where the fund is registered. In this case, investors are showing an interest in both Bitcoin and Canada at the same time. It is good to see a Bitcoin investment fund registered in Canada.

One of the main challenges associated with such investment vehicles is keeping funds safe and secure. FBC Bitcoin Trust will take care of everything on behalf of its customers. Investors can buy units of the trust rather than small amounts of cryptocurrency. Once a unit is purchased through the trust, these units can be transferred to a self-directed RRSP or TFSA accordingly.  This is a more-than-welcome development for the world of cryptocurrency after all the hardship endured over the past two weeks.