What Is the Exodus Eden Wallet?

Having many options for cryptocurrency wallets is a good thing for the network and for consumers. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Although there are already a lot of solid projects to choose from, the Exodus team is taking things one step further. Their new Eden wallet is designed to make cryptocurrency wallets a lot more exciting and professional. It will have a built-in exchange by the looks of things, which is a nice addition. The first screenshots look pretty slick and a pre-release version of the wallet is available for download.

An Overview of the Exodus Eden Wallet

Most people who have used the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet before will acknowledge that it is an elegant and complete wallet solution. With multi-currency support and a lot of useful features, the Exodus wallet both looks good and is easy to use. However, it lacks certain advanced trading features, leaving advanced traders looking elsewhere. The upcoming Exodus Eden wallet has the potential to change all that in the coming months, though. The developers have stepped up their game significantly for this new project.

First of all, the Eden design looks a lot more professional than the regular Exodus layout. There wasn’t anything wrong with how Exodus looks, but any wallet with a few darker colors for the background and fancier colors for one’s cryptocurrency portfolio is a clear winner. It is also a lot easier on the eyes when checking your phone or tablet at night to see how your portfolio is doing. A white background causes eye strain and can make it difficult to fall asleep.

The main objective of Eden is to let advanced users maintain more control over their cryptocurrency portfolios. Eden has a lot more features and supports more assets compared to Exodus. It is important to keep in mind that both of these projects are independent of one another and will continue to be maintained as such. Eden will provide support for ERC20 tokens, Ethereum Classic, Factom, and even Bitcoin Cash, whereas Exodus will not. It is good to see more competition in the ERC20 wallet department.

The team wants to make it abundantly clear that the new Eden wallet is not designed for regular Exodus users who may not be looking for advanced features. Eden is a big step up from what most everyday cryptocurrency users need and are accustomed to. Anyone who is more than happy with what Exodus has to offer should stick to that solution. Eden is still in the alpha stage and is unsupported in an official capacity. If things go wrong or funds become missing, it will be at the expense of the end user, unfortunately.

Users can enable support for assets through the settings menu, which is a nice touch. It is also possible to run Eden alongside the regular Exodus wallet, as the two are not mutually exclusive. Do keep in mind an Eden wallet is a brand new storage solution and will not automatically contain any of the funds you may have stored in Exodus right now. There is no direct correlation between the balances of both wallets unless the user transfers funds or assets from one to the other. This makes perfect sense to advanced cryptocurrency users, but newcomers may be confused by this development.

The new unsupported Eden wallet can be downloaded from the Exodus website. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux right now. It will be interesting to see if people give this new wallet a try before it is “officially” supported by the team. It is unclear how much work has yet to be done on the software, but considering it is a pre-release version, it’s safe to say at least three more months of work are on the horizon. This is an intriguing project to keep an eye on; that much is certain.