What Is the Cryptogene Project?

For the most part, cryptocurrencies see the majority of their enthusiasts in Asia, Europe, and North America. However, the rest of the world could benefit from blockchain technology as well. In fact, some of the most obvious uses for the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are in the developing parts of the world. There is also a lot of potential growth in those areas of the world. A new project called Cryptogene is looking to help the African continent through blockchain education, adoption, and implementation.

A Blockchain Community for Real Change

While the Cryptogene project is targeting the African continent as its community base, the project’s team says it is open to all. They are offering blockchain solutions to real world problems in African countries first and foremost. In doing so, they hope to make blockchain technology mainstream throughout the entire continent.

Cryptogene’s community will act as a hub where community members will educate one another, create awareness both internally and externally, and help implement blockchain-based solutions. Cryptogene itself will produce quality products and end-user services to the hub and beyond. Its highly-skilled team is fully dedicated to make this project successful.

Cryptogene-Learn (DIGEST)

One of the concepts that Cryptogene is developing is called DIGEST. For Cryptogene, local actors – as opposed to external consultants – are far more effective in helping communities learn about the blockchain. DIGEST aims to address the large cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge gap in these nations. It will be a well-structured platform connecting cryptocurrency veterans to newcomers. This robust platform will be backed up by the Cryptogene blockchain as a peer-to-peer platform, making knowledge sharing that much easier.

Cryptogene-Mart (BlockMART)

Most African countries deal with some sort of internet payment processing issue. This means that many businesses and consumers are left out of the thriving e-commerce sector. To combat these and other challenges, Cryptogene presents its BlockMART. This is a platform where administrators, entrepreneurs, business owners, and retailers who accept cryptocurrencies can have access to blockchain tools. The speed, efficiency, and security of the blockchain will help build confidence in non-cash payment systems. This will pave the way for even greater inter-regional trade.

Cryptogene-Ex (Havane)

Each African country has its own fiat currency. While this is not an issue when using currency in one country, a problem arises when traveling. There is a lack of immediate exchange between national currencies. This is why Cryptogene aims to build an exchange platform where local currencies and other digital assets can be exchanged for and against cryptocurrencies. The native token will be Cryptogene’s token, CGT. This will help users transcend borders.

Cryptogene-Talk (Spiel)

Spiel will be a social media forum and platform for communication and information. It will focus heavily on news integration and social interaction. The platform will have native token support for CGT. It will not be dissimilar to services like Bitcointalk, but will allow for exchanging CGT as well.

Cryptogene-Build (Silk)

Inadequate funding is one of the largest issues plaguing new and small businesses across the African continent. Cryptogene-Build will provide a way for small business owners and start-ups to share their ideas and crowdfund their projects. It can also act as a brainstorming space for stakeholders and community members. This might even lead to members of that brainstorming to become stakeholders via a proof-of-idea model.

Cryptogene’s ICO

Much of the solutions outlined above will have native support for the project’s token, CGT. Cryptogene’s ICO will help fund research and development of this entire platform. Interested parties can find information about the upcoming ICO on the website linked below.

Check out Cryptogene’s website here: https://cryptogene.co/

Here’s Cryptogene’s whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tW-a6vwazF8eTw-Bg_lYpqSVxxGkBH3SSKxSYu7lmOc/edit

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