What Is TenX?

Even though cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular right now, spending Bitcoin or altcoins is still rather problematic. Very few people actually accept cryptocurrency payments, which means there is a need for intermediary solutions. TenX aims to provide a way to spend virtual currencies anytime and anywhere. It is evident the world of cryptocurrency debit cards needs some major competition, even though both Visa and MasterCard are not too keen on this concept right now.

What Exactly is TenX?

It is obvious TenX wants to help the cryptocurrency industry make a big impact on a global scale. While spending such currencies remains a challenge for the time being, there has been an interest in cryptocurrency-related debit cards. While both Visa and MasterCard have been shutting down such products, TenX will still let users spend cryptocurrency using a payment card. It supports multiple virtual currencies and makes the process of spending Bitcoin and altcoins far more convenient for all parties involved.

How Does it Work?

While it is commendable to see TenX explore the cryptocurrency payment card route, the big question is how they will pull all this off. With Visa and MasterCard opposing such concepts through third-party vendors, it is evident creating such a system will not be easy. At the same time, the team has a mobile app for both Android and iOS which will make the spending of cryptocurrencies a lot easier. There is also a web app for users to enjoy.

What makes TenX so appealing is the 0% conversion fees for all transactions. Nobody who spends virtual currencies through TenX will incur additional fees, although foreign currency conversion rates may still apply in the future. With the TenX app, it is not only possible to send and receive funds, but one can also withdraw money from any ATM in the world. With real-time notifications tied to card purchasing, it becomes a lot easier to keep tabs on how one’s balance is being spent.

Even though the WaveCrest issue has affected TenX, the company has a solution in place for the time being. Further details regarding future cards have yet to be provided, as TenX is still in talks with its new card issuer. However, with the opposition by Visa and MasterCard, finding a capable partner may prove rather difficult. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for TenX in this regard, as it is not easy to create cryptocurrency payment cards right now.

What Does the TenX PAY Token do?

As one would expect, TenX has its own native token, known as PAY. With this token, users can purchase the TenX payment card. Additionally, token holders will earn a percentage of the 0.5% “reward” from TenX transactions. This incentive will be paid out in the form of PAY, which means the company will need to buy back some of these tokens over time. It is an interesting business model which will seemingly work out well for the company.

What Comes Next for the TenX Project?

According to the TenX project roadmap, a lot of things will happen in 2018 and beyond. Support for ERC20 tokens and additional cryptocurrencies is coming users’ way in Q2, and more functionality will come to the TenX card and wallet in early 2019. The official issuing license for payment cards will be obtained in Q3 of 2019, although that particular milestone is subject to change.