What Is SatanCoin?

It is always refreshing to see joke digital currencies come to market. Although these projects serve no real purpose, the creative side of things is often pretty entertaining, to say the least. SatanCoin is an example of how it is good to poke some fun at the surge of new digital tokens being created every day. After all, “damned are thy mortal coins,” as the site says.

SatanCoin is Quite Dark and Disturbing

In a way, it is somewhat surprising to learn that no one had created SatanCoin prior to a few days ago. Considering that we had seen some of the weirdest coins even before the ICO hype began, one would expect the concept of “Satan” to have been widely explored already. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, which is what prompted the team behind SatanCoin to try their hand at such an undertaking.

It has to be said that the SatanCoin website gives off a very dark and disturbing vibe right off the bat. Even the site’s artwork makes this seem like a digital currency used by masters of the occult all over the world. After all, every “industry” could have its own form of money in a few years from now, and digital currencies certainly present an interesting possibility in this regard.

Every SatanCoin will allegedly inflict infinite pain and suffering upon its owner. While this claim is presumably bogus, the concept is admittedly funny, especially considering that the team claims their creation to be the “perfect Christmas gift”. All holders, it seems, will also be subject to unimaginable misfortune. Unlike most other digital currencies, there are no plans to create any hype for SatanCoin whatsoever, which is refreshing in its own way.

As one would expect, the demonic forces have issued SatanCoin as an ERC20 token. Then again, powering this currency by the “sin and evil of humanity” alone wouldn’t be sufficient by any means. Moreover, an “ICO” associated with this token will run until Christmas Eve, as a way to prepare for a Satanic Christmas. Again, the occult is certainly present as far as this project is concerned. It’s a job well done by the creators, to say the very least.

To keep up the occult vibe, the team has deemed it necessary to issue only 666 SatanCoins. What’s more, each coin is valued at 0.6666 Ether, although this value will not be maintained for long unless it somehow gains traction. There is, of course, a “blackpaper” associated with this project, rather than a traditional whitepaper. As most people are well aware, a whitepaper is associated with Holy and Angelic activities. Such thoughts have no place in the world of SatanCoin, after all.

It does appear the goal is to enable SatanCoin trading on EtherDelta later this year. It will be pretty interesting to see whether or not this new ERC20 token will gain any traction at that point, and it isn’t unlikely whatsoever. We have seen stranger things happen in the world of cryptocurrency over the years. Never dismiss a new currency simply because it may not necessarily appeal to the mainstream. In fact, that is often one of the strengths of a successful currency these days.