What is QuikNode?

New and exciting cryptocurrency projects are rolling out nearly every week. However, not all of these projects are equally valuable or well thought out. This makes the ones that are worth it that much more appealing. One project that is very interesting and gaining momentum right now is called QuikNode. Let’s explore what QuikNode is and what it can offer.

What Is QuikNode?

QuikNode touts itself as the quickest and easiest way to run your own Ethereum node. While many cryptocurrency enthusiasts know the importance of nodes and running nodes, new investors brought to the space by ICOs may not necessarily be aware. Nodes are an essential part of the Ethereum ecosystem. They validate transactions, propagate blocks, and help regulate consensus voting. QuikNode strengthens the Ethereum virtual machine and provides considerable benefit to users.

QuikNode for Investors

Almost every investor is looking to get in on the next big ICO as quickly as possible. While some of them do not take the time to do their due diligence, those who do their research should have their interests piqued by QuikNode. It will act as an express lane to the Ethereum blockchain for these investors. Users of QuikNode can expect to pass queuing for public nodes by utilizing their fast and password protected nodes.

QuikNode for Ðapp Developers

Many developers mostly want to focus on their projects or apps. However, they usually also have to worry about the environments in which their apps will live. This can be a huge headache, as there are only so many hours in the day. QuikNode wants Ðapp developers to leave the worrying about infrastructure to them, and guarantee fast performance. It can do this by doing the web3 reads from its own hosted nodes. Ðapp developers can finally put their focus solely on their apps rather than worrying about infrastructure.

QuikNode for Enthusiasts

There is something beautiful about cryptocurrency in that many users are just people who love the idea and aren’t just here to get rich. These are the users who try to run full nodes from increasingly small computers, the people who make gumball vending machines that run on ETH, and the nerds who just want to support the ecosystem. QuikNode is one very good way that these enthusiasts can do so. It also has a referral program for those eager to find others to help support the Ethereum ecosystem as well. Supporting the network while earning a little ETH on the side? Cool!

QuikNode for New ICOs

ICOs are incredibly popular ways to raise funds for projects. While they can be easy to set up, setting them up correctly takes skill. QuikNode can help projects by taking care of the infrastructure. Its system helps ensure the best possible user experience on the network with automatic scaling solutions and will soon offer a load-balanced platform to its users as well. Project managers can now focus on building the best products or services and not have to worry about whether or not their investors can even participate in their ICO.

Check out QuikNode here: https://quiknode.io/

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