What Is Melon Coin?

Melonport is a pretty intriguing project, mainly because it focuses on building a next-generation asset management computer. The company has been around for quite some time now, and its Melon product has seen some major developments over the past few months. There’s also the native Melon Coin to take into account.

What is Melonport?

Melonport is a product focusing on building a whole new type of asset management tool. More specifically, the Melon asset management computer is currently being developed by Melonport AG, the private company responsible for building the infrastructure and raising money during the token sale. Its protocol will certainly be of great interest to a lot of people in the financial sector.

How Does it all Work?

Melon will be a completely autonomous system unlike anything the world of asset management has seen to date. It is being designed specifically for the purpose of cryptocurrency-related asset management. The front and back ends of this project are hosted and executed on a decentralized platform, which is rather unique as far as this business model is concerned.

Additionally, the front end of Melon operates on the IPFS system, which further leverages some of the more intriguing technologies which are currently part of the overall blockchain ecosystem. The back end of the Melon protocol has its own domain chain, which is connected to Polkadot. It is quite interesting to see all of these innovative technologies come together to power these new products and services.

In fact, it will seemingly be possible to run Melon from the browser directly, which will only add more convenience to this project as a whole. The Melon Chain principle connects investment managers, investors, and exchanges in a decentralized manner without relying on centralized solutions. Whether or not this will be a successful approach has yet to be determined, yet it certainly opens up a lot of new opportunities.

The Melon Coin Explained

No one will be surprised to learn Melon has its own currency, referred to as the Melon Token or Melon Coin. Its primary use is giving holders the ability to elect a technical council to help determine the future of the project’s development. Additionally, this token powers the entire protocol’s infrastructure, which heavily relies on smart contract technology.

The Roadmap for Melonport

There is still a lot of work to be done on the Melon project, even though things are looking quite positive already. An audit of the protocol has been completed already, and the project continues to advance. No further specifics have been provided on the website, although it remains to be seen what the future holds. Bringing more value to Melon Coin would be a good idea, yet it remains to be seen how that might be achieved.