What Is Goodomy Cryptocurrency?

Making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more appealing to the masses will always remain a struggle. Goodomy has come up with an interesting approach, as they want to introduce a retail mining app for consumers and offer fee-free transactions. A few other features are also worth taking note of, although it remains to be seen how this particular venture will pan out.

Goodomy in a nutshell

There are a few key features associated with the Goodomy project. It is designed to motivate consumers to do more, sell more, and be more productive on a daily basis. This project utilizes the Shopomy mobile application, which is also worth taking a closer look at.

How Does it all Work?

The main bread and butter of the Goodomy ecosystem is the Shopomy application. It is a “retail mining app for consumers” allowing both buyers and sellers to conduct transactions without paying any fees.

Additionally, this application will let consumers save a lot of money on their purchases. There will be a discount of at least 20% on all products listed on the Shopomy platform, which is quite steep. How that will be conveyed to retailers exactly is unclear. A lot of retailers may not be too happy with how this is shaping up, although it could offer them some benefits as well.

Users can share deals and ‘hot finds’ with others. Snapping pictures and posting videos of select products and services will allow consumers to be tipped in Goodomy, which is rather interesting. Additionally, businesses can accept the Goodomy currency in a few easy steps, which should improve the overall liquidity of this currency.

What Comes Next?

There is still plenty of work to be done prior to Goodomy and Shopomy going mainstream. Throughout 2018, the project will focus on improving the existing infrastructure, airdropping LOT tokens to GOOD investors, conducting beta testing of Shopomy, and so forth. It seems to be an interesting concept to keep an eye on, although it will take until early June for the iOS app to come around.