What Is Genaro Network?

Global interest in blockchain technology continues to ramp up as we speak. Companies all over the world want to experiment with distributed ledgers in many different ways. The Genaro Network aims to be the catalyst driving this change, as it claims to be the first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem.

Why Does Genaro Network Exist?

Quite a few blockchain service providers exist in the market as of right now, but there is always room for more competition. Genaro Network claims to be the world’s first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem built on a Turing-complete public chain with decentralized storage. Blockchain developers will gain access to a solution for deploying smart contracts and storing data at the same time.

The Features That Make it Unique

Genaro is about much more than just providing a distributed ledger to build new financial applications. Instead, the project focuses on being Turing-complete, providing a sharing community, and offering a trustworthy ecosystem as a whole. There will be a Genaro Hub and an Accelerator to foster the development of thousands of dApps. Moving products from the cloud to the blockchain is one of the main areas of focus as of right now.

The Genaro Hub acts as a revolutionary workspace where coworking and co-creation are the name of the game. All of this is achieved by using the Genaro ecosystem to complete social and business aspects of development. The Genaro Accelerator is an integral part of this hub and will offer resident incubation and acceleration for dApp developers. There is also a strong focus on mentorship, technical expertise, and marketing.

By providing this advanced approach to blockchain development, Genaro Network is positioning itself as a rather interesting service provider. Currently, there is a growing focus on distributed applications, which means there needs to be a proper infrastructure in place. Whether or not this project will be the driving force for this evolution remains to be seen.

The Road Ahead for Genaro Network

For the time being, Genaro Network is still in the early stages of development. The building of decentralized storage solutions for dApps is not easy, but things are coming together pretty nicely as we speak. There are multiple milestones to be reached before success can be realized, although the finalized blockchain 3.0 project will not see the light of day until a few years from now. Right now, the Genaro Eden application is available for download, which offers users a trustworthy internet and sharing community.