Blockchain Solutions Provider ARK Announces Major Script Update for Blockchain Network Creation

Blockchain is slowly being integrated into almost all fields of life as professionals from across the spectrum are looking towards blockchain as a solution to current and future problems. But, blockchain adoption is not an easy task to complete as there are several roadblocks in the path; The nature of the wide-ranging platforms and scalability is one of them.

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While the programmable blockchains like Ethereum, Stratis, NEO, provide a lot of utility, it still takes a lot of understanding of the working of each platform to implement things practically. So, an easy-to-use blockchain creation solution is in very high demand these days. With a platform like this, any party would be able to deploy the blockchain network and protocol that their organization requires.

This “Blockchain for everyone” approach is going to usher in a new era of development in the crypto world with universal application and outreach of the new technology. ARK, a blockchain network creation services provider has recently announced a script update of its promising platform. ARK allows easy and hassle free deployment of multiple blockchains at a time.

How Will ARK Achieve its Goals?

To achieve this extraordinary promise of blockchain-for-all, different companies have tried their hands on varying techniques to make it easy enough for everyone. ARK has developed a virtual spider web of endless use-cases for easy adoption that make the platform highly flexible and scalable according to each individual entity’s requirements.

ARK is also gearing up to solve the fundamental issues associated with cryptocurrencies. One of these issues is to endlessly trade coins on major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. ARK has developed a SmartBridge technology that allows free interaction between the major coin networks with the ability to utilize each of the unique features. For example through ARK, one can use the smart contracts feature of the Ethereum network while using ARK’s extremely easy interface.

A Major Script Update

The ARK’s ecosystem is vigorously designed and tested but just like any other alpha, it is likely to have some chinks in the armour before the service is fully ready. For this purpose, ARK is releasing the script of its latest ecosystem indirectly through hackathons and conferences around the world.

With this release, the blockchain services provider aims to test the limitations and working of the platform in the hands of actual users both for reality check purposes and testing.  With the new update, users will be able to create their own connected blockchain that will be built on top of the ARK’s main blockchain built in parallel. Travis Walker, Co-founder at ARK said:

“Unlike ethereum and ERC20 tokens. all ark cloned chains can have their own blockchain that will be connected to the ark ecosystem. They will be customizable, you can set your blocktimes, number of delegates, and more. This gives you complete freedom and independence without bloating the ARK mainchain, but while still having the ability to utilize the entire ecosystem”

Blockchain on demand is another useful feature of the new platform. This push-button deployment of blockchain by users is a truly unique approach that will shape the future of blockchain adaptation in the world.

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