What Is Daneel Cryptocurrency?

The AI-driven crypto services available today have been found to possess a plethora of functional and technological limitations. For starters, most current solutions are restricted to information that is presented to them via media channels such as Facebook, Slack and Telegram.

Daneel is an all-new AI-based personal finance assistant that makes use of IBM’s Watson technology. From a technical standpoint, Daneel’s framework is quite advanced and has the potential to become one of the most efficient artificial intelligence platforms within the digital currency sector.

Some of the core aspects of this AI system include:

  • Operability: over time, Daneel learns to understand human input and is thus able to interact with customers seamlessly.
  • Updates: owing to its highly developed AI algorithms, the platform is able to keep users informed with reliable information in real time.
  • Market Sentiment Analysis: one of the most underrated features of Daneel is its ability to identify and capture the various emotions running through the virtual asset market at any given time.

Daneel is able to search, browse, collect and analyze different sources of information so as to provide users with the most relevant and up-to-date data pertaining to the world of cryptocurrencies. Some of the channels from which Daneel obtains its information include:

  • Various online channels
  • News feeds
  • General media
  • Specialized media networks
  • Social networks

Overview of the platform

  • Daneel delivers its customer base with specialized data such as alt-currency market info and live token rates.
  • It serves as an excellent aggregator of reliable cryptocurrency news.
  • Daneel keeps users up to date on all of the upcoming and trending ICOs in the market.
  • It helps keep track of advanced market indicators such as confidence scores, emotions, and more.
  • The interface is highly simplified and can be utilized by novice as well as advanced crypto users.

Key Features

The primary feature which makes Daneel stand out from most of its contemporaries is its ability to source some of the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and asset data available on the market. This allows customers to not only stay abreast of the latest happenings within the world of crypto, but also allows them to access market sentiment information—thereby helping investors make smarter value choices.

Daneel’s user interface

Additionally, this platform is designed to support users with daily advice on their investments and on market trends via personally-tailored indicators. This, too, can help users make better financial assessments.

Overview of the Daneel ecosystem

Other key facets of Daneel worth mentioning include:

  • Timely Alerts: as soon as one’s investment seems to be in any sort of jeopardy, Daneel immediately updates them with the latest financial statistics so that they can cash out in a timely manner and thus minimize losses.
  • Portfolio Management: the platform facilitates easy portfolio follow-ups and management, and helps in streamlining the process of crypto sales and purchases.
  • Daily Financial Advice: Daneel provides users with daily advice on their investments as well as on current market trends.

How Daneel works

Once the bot is initiated, it will make use of a native artificial intelligence-based algorithm to collect crypto-related messages posted on social networks. The core module will then analyze these messages and convey the predominant online sentiments surrounding a particular cryptocurrency to the user.


As a result, users will have the ability to foresee potential pump and dump schemes as well as clear any doubts they may have in relation to particular cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Daneel includes an interactive interface that allows customers to obtain crypto-related info by simply asking the platform’s internal voice-enabled module. To get Daneel’s insights, all one has to do is express a request. The native AI then automatically searches for the information best suited to his or her needs.

The results are conveyed to the user along with a list of choice actions that can save him or her a lot of time. Also, the AI core is based on the principle of machine learning, allowing Daneel to learn continuously and become better suited to one’s particular needs and requirements.

Lastly, the AI system used by Daneel is powered by IBM Watson, an automated intelligent system that applies advanced technologies for information retrieval, knowledge representation, and reasoning. Daneel is also a registered member of IBM’s PartnerWorld, and thus has the potential to experience accelerated market growth through the use of specialized market-oriented strategies.

About the company

Daneel is the brainchild of Joseph Bedminster, who serves as the company’s CEO. Having specialized in software engineering, Joseph has previously been associated with a number of big-name startup ventures such as Bonanza. He is currently responsible for making software prototypes for various companies within fields such as AI and big data.

Harold Kinet is the company’s director of communications. According to his LinkedIn bio, Harold possesses a background in data security and has previously been associated with the Belgian joint venture WOW.

Lastly, Selim Rinaz is the CTO of this project. Selim is a well-respected software developer who has worked in diverse fields such as:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Autonomous systems.

In the past, he has worked towards the implementation of complex systems for large groups and startups. Additionally, Selim has helped design various chatbots that are currently being used by companies within the healthcare sector.

Token Performance History

All transactions taking place within the Daneel ecosystem are governed by a native currency called DAN.

DAN token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of CoinMarketCap)

Introduced into the market just a week back, the performance of DAN tokens has been strong so far. Initially sold at a rate of $0.016, the price of a single token currently stands at an impressive $0.17.

However, given the infancy of this currency, it is hard to say whether DAN will be able to sustain its amazing market performance for long.

Final Thoughts

With the crypto market flooded with a host of shoddy, bug-ridden AI bots, Daneel’s envisioned technology promises to be a game changer. The beta release of the platform is currently available for download, and interested individuals can visit the official company website for more details.

If you would like to start investing in Daneel, DAN trading pairs are currently available on online exchange platforms such as HitBTC, IDEX, and DDEX.