What Is bloXroute Cryptocurrency?

It has become apparent that scalability in the world of blockchain technology will remain a pressing problem. While cryptocurrency developers are working on addressing these issues right now, there is no unified approach. BloXroute Labs is working on a proprietary solution that will allegedly offer scaling and be compatible with all existing and future blockchains without too much of a problem. It’s an ambitious goal, and one worth keeping an eye on.

What is bloXroute Exactly?

The bloXroute solution, developed by BloXroute Labs, primarily aims to resolve the bottleneck presented by blockchain technology today. If things go according to plan, this concept will provide scalability for up to thousands of transactions per second in an on-chain manner. Although other projects have made similar claims, bloXroute is unique in that it can be applied to all existing and future distributed ledgers alike. It is very different from what most people are accustomed to in this industry.

Under the Hood of bloXroute

Unlike most other scaling solutions, bloXroute runs underneath the consensus layer of existing cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. That makes this scaling solution pretty unique, especially because it supports all kinds of blockchains one can think of.  While it may not necessarily be the end all, be all of blockchain scaling solutions, it can certainly shake things up quite a bit.

Additionally, bloXroute is designed in such a way that it is fair to all nodes. As we have seen throughout the cryptocurrency industry, not all nodes are treated equally these days. bloXroute is seemingly incapable of discriminating among nodes or censoring blocks, which is something well worth keeping an eye on.

Interestingly enough, it seems bloXroute doesn’t even require majority adoption to be deployed on a new or existing blockchain network. This means users who run a node can utilize this solution, regardless of what the remainder of the network thinks. Having more options is always a good thing in the blockchain world, although it remains to be seen if bloXroute will gain significant adoption.

The Road Ahead

Although it is evident bloXroute can make a meaningful impact, there is no guarantee of success. With specific aspects of this network not being open sourced just yet, some people may remain hesitant when it comes to adopting this technology. There may be an eventual token sale to issue BLXR to users as a way to boost overall adoption, although those plans have not been officially set as of yet.