What Is Bitcoin United and Should You Trust It?

In the digital world, it can be difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. A new post on the Huffington Post talks about Bitcoin United being a solution to end all forks. This post makes some very bold claims regarding faster transactions and improved scalability. To most readers, this post is nothing more than a scam or a fake project. However, it is still worth looking into some of its audacious claims.

Bitcoin United Makes Some Interesting Claims

Judging by the Huffington Post article, Bitcoin United is either a joke or a major scamcoin. Regardless of which argument applies, the “project” feels it has the potential to end the scaling and forking debate. The post claims how Bitcoin United, known as BTC-U, will provide three-second confirmations and a scalable level of up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Most Bitcoin users would not mind seeing such a degree of confirmation times and number of transactions on the mainnet in the future. However, it seems ludicrous to make such claims as if it were possible to achieve them right now. The Bitcoin United “team” asserts that is certainly the case, and claims this project will be a gift to the overall cryptocurrency community. Unwanted gifts are rarely appreciated by Bitcoin users, and this bogus project will fall into that same category.

The article also talks about BitShares developers joining “other alt-Bitcoin developers” to create Bitcoin United. This seemingly indicates that BTC-U is another project by Dan Larimer, a person who is known for his involvement in BitShares and theories on horizontal scaling for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since this technology is still unproven and untested, making claims of how Bitcoin United will be “better” seems premature.

Bitcoin United would provide the solution for which the entire community has been waiting, if it works. The team notes this concept is “so much better compared to what we have been offered by insiders.” Bitcoin United claims that it can fix all issues affecting Bitcoin at the same time, despite no one knowing who is behind this project, where the code can be found, or where one can even download a client for BTC-U.

Apparently, Bitcoin United will get a “free upgrade to EOS technology.” EOS is yet another project by Dan Larimer, and is mainly focused on providing cryptocurrency scaling solutions. That technology is still unproven as well, as there is not one single line of code accessible to the public to illustrate how these “ideas” will even work out.  It is doubtful that anyone will take BTC-U seriously at this point.

Bitcoin United will also make use of DPOS technology to get rid of the mining algorithm altogether. This will subsequently end inflation, creating another version of Bitcoin with a hard supply cap. Bitcoin United will, of course, be hosted on the BitShares blockchain. This project is all about Dan Larimer expanding his “reach” in the cryptocurrency world. It is doubtful that this project will gain any traction, assuming it is even real in the first place.