What Is Aragon?

Aragon is another one of those cryptocurrency projects intent on making the world a fairer place for everyone. More specifically, the team aims to build an infrastructure which lets anyone create value without borders or intermediaries. Additionally, they hope to democratize governance in the future, although that will not be easy. Decentralized organizations are an appealing business model, but making sure they work in the real world is something else entirely.

Why Does Aragon Exist?

With so many other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects focusing on democratizing governance and autonomous organizations, it may be hard to figure out what makes Aragon unique. By waving goodbye to intermediaries, organizations will be able to create and maintain “unstoppable applications”. There is no censorship or downtime involved, and the decentralized design ensures a borderless and permissionless way of operating. It is an interesting platform which will certainly attract attention from developers all over the world.

Under the Hood

Providing a new framework to run decentralized applications is not something coders do in a few hours. Aragon Core is the main bread and butter of this ecosystem, as it paves the way for dApps, organizational tokens, and new ways of raising funds. By incorporating voting, organizations can achieve decentralized consensus on all matters that come to mind. Plus, the Aragon ecosystem allows for instant payments with just a few clicks. There is a lot to like about this project, especially once all of these features are accessible to everyone.

Whether or not decentralized organizations will resolve the world’s pressing problems remains to be seen. As this project is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it also offers all typical Ethereum-oriented functions, such as smart contracts, to its users. The team is confident they can take this project well beyond organizations as well. It seems there are plans to integrate a decentralized exchange at some point, which is something to look forward to. With its focus on financing open-source projects, Aragon may become quite a big player in this industry over the coming years.

What is Aragon’s Coin?

Most people have come across the ANT token on various exchanges. This is the native currency of the Aragon project and has no use cases as of right now. Once the network officially goes live, ANT will be used to influence the governance of the network, for voting, and more. For now, it is a speculative asset first and foremost, as the Aragon project will need to reach version 0.7 before ANT is useful.

What Comes Next for Aragon?

As one would expect, there is a proper development plan for the Aragon project. We are nearing the release of Aragon 0.5, which adds a new permission system, an organization-wide identity, and a core modules API. It is expected this version will go live in April. Future releases will incorporate even more features, with 0.7 being the major milestone to look forward to. This release will introduce basic network-wide governance, ANT token minting, and a few other things. Future releases will be made available to the public after 0.7 has gone live, which is expected to occur in May.