WEF Stresses Importance of Blockchain Following Coronavirus Crisis

It has become apparent that blockchain is considered to be the holy grail during this coronavirus crisis.Even the World Economic Forum is convinced that distributed ledgers will be of incredible value moving forward.

The future of the entire world may very well hinge on blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a Must After Coronavirus Crisis is Over

Those are the findings of the World Economic Forum members.

A new statement confirms that the world will need proper solutions following the coronavirus crisis.

What type of solutions those entail exactly, is very difficult to determine at this time.

Global cooperation will be required to address existing inefficiencies found within supply chains on an international scale.

A strong focus needs to be put on trust, transparency, and integrity.

The WEF has been working on blockchain efforts and research for some time now.

The coronavirus may prove to be an interesting catalyst in this particular regard. 

The coronavirus pandemic offers many valuable lessons that need to be looked at more closely. 

Exploring how new technologies such as blockchain can create more resilient supply chains will remain the top focus for some time to come.

There is still a lot of work to be done, especially when considering how the coronavirus crisis is far from over.