Coronavirus Can’t Keep Crypto markets Down as Bitcoin Surpasses $7,700 Again

There have been several disturbing consequences to the global coronavirus crisis. One interesting aspect is how most, if not all of the cryptocurrency markets have recovered from the onslaught rather easily.

During the initial stages of the coronavirus crisis, many markets suffered from volatility.

Crypto Markets Recover During Coronavirus Crisis

Albeit this is normal in the cryptocurrency space, things got out of hand fairly quickly. 

Bitcoin quickly dropped by over 50%, and altcoins only suffered from even worse bearish pressure.

Today, that situation looks very different, which is a good thing. 

More specifically, it would appear that the markets have all begun to recover rather nicely.

For altcoins, that momentum depends on how the Bitcoin market is evolving at all times.

So far, it seems as the push above $7,500 is only the beginning, albeit it is too early to draw any real conclusions. 

Currently, Bitcoin sits above $7,700 despite the coronavirus crisis being far from over.

Other markets have risen in value as well, albeit it seems as if very little has changed overall.

The coming weeks may prove rather interesting, both in terms of crypto prices and the novel coronavirus crisis.

No one knows what the future will hold exactly, as anything remains possible.