Weekly Bitcoin Marketshare for 2/13/16 – Kraken makes debut entrance in top 10

@Krakenfx makes debut entrance in Top 10

@KittyBitcoin paws at this week’s bitcoin exchange percentage marketshare “wool ball”. We look at $XBTCNY, $XBTUSD, $XBTEUR & $XBTGBP. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what – and how did it unravel?

@TheMerkleNews BTC Price Index – weekly




@btcecom High Ball price

@btcecom is definitely running a new algorithm for the last price. They now have the high ball price consistently in the group below the five major $BTCUSD exchanges:

Data courtesy KittyBitcoin.com

All Currencies 7 days

The top two exchanges @huobicom and @okCoinBTC again garner more than ninety-one percent (91+ %) of total world marketshare by volume of BTC traded in the week. All other exchanges accounted for less than nine percent (< 9%) of marketshare:

All other data courtesy Bitcoinity.org except as noted

@huobicom has slipped to 51% while @okCoinBTC is about the same at 40%. @okCoinBTC has been unable to exceed @huobicom for three weeks straight.

@YourBTCC keeps their third overall position however the “Other” exchanges – all the rest – are taking a larger bite of the weekly BTC pie. @LakeBTC weekly volume exceeds @Bitfinex for the second week in a row.

@bitx2014 @coinbase and @Bitstamp fill out the bottom of the top ten exchanges list all with less than one percent total world weekly marketshare.

The big surprise this week is the ascendancy of @Krakenfx who make their debut entrance. They pin down ninth overall position – above @Bitstamp. Kraken recently completed a couple of exchange buyouts and customer transfers. This could partially account for their surprise appearance this week. With their move @KrakenFX has knocked the newcomer @gatecoin right off the list, but not singlehandedly as @gatecoin last week was number 8 and @Bitstamp had a hand in their demise.

All currencies weekly by volume and marketshare: current


Previous week all currencies chart


$XBTCNY weekly


No changes in $XBTCNY week to week in terms of overall position. This week @huobicom drops a couple of percent and @OKCoinBTC is up two percent. @YourBTCC is marginally off their position from last week but not much. @LakeBTC’s trades were again very close to their performance the week before. Volumes were down substantially from the last period:

Previous week $XBTCNY


$XBTUSD Weekly Marketshare


@gatecoin has been displaced from the top BTCUSD exchanges – by cex.io. The only other change from the previous week was the rise of the “Others” – all other exchanges – from the number seven position last week to number five this week. Smaller exchanges are eating away at the bigger exchanges marketshare:

$XBTUSD previous week


$XBTEUR Weekly


@KrakenFX increases their pair lead from 34% to 40%, basking in the glory of marketshare once past – once again relived.

@Bitx2014 knocks @gatecoin out of last week’s number two spot, swapping ranks. Bit-x jumps from 19% the week before to over 26% marketshare of BTCEUR this week.

The only other change was the shifting of the bottom number eight and nine positions. Cex.io have jumped exactly one percent XBTEUR marketshare over last week. In real terms this is a trading increase of 1,279 bitcoin over the previous week – more than double their last mark.

Localbitcoins was up about 300 bitcoin over the last week.

Previous week XBTEUR

data courtesy Bitcoinity.org

$XBTGBP Weekly


@bitx2014 has lost about sixteen percent marketshare in XBTGBP over last week. There is no change in overall position. Localbitcoins is up about 9% from last week.

Coinfloor has jumped about 6% in just one week moving into double digit marketshare of more than ten percent of all BTCEUR. @coinbase sees a slight rise while @KrakenFx sells 84 more bitcoin over the previous mark.

$XBTGBP previous week


data courtesy Bitcoinity.org

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