Weekly XBT Marketshare by Exchange

Coinbase passes Bitstamp for 3rd in BTCUSD

@KittyBitcoin paws at this week’s bitcoin exchange percentage marketshare “wool ball”. We look at
$XBTCNY, $XBTUSD, $XBTEUR & $XBTGBP. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what –
and how did it unravel?

@TheMerkleNews BTC Price Index – weekly




The @TheMerkleNews 7 day chart opened Friday at ~ $379.31 down from $391 per bitcoin the previous
week. BTC traded unsettled within a $10 range until it bottomed at $369.69 on Wednesday and doubled
its range to $390.64 on Thursday – on a comparatively low 24 hour volume of $125M.

The balance of the week saw vagarious and relatively steady price levels until the end of the week. The
market average bitcoin price “closed” Friday at $387.61 on a falling price. As a result the difference
between the week start and end trading price was $9.27 and very close to last week’s numbers.
Low price of the week was Monday at $368.84. High price was Friday at $391.89. The difference – the
weekly high low range – is $23.05 down from last week’s range of $35.

Weekly stats

high $391.89
low $368.84
range $23.05

All Currencies 7 days

Again this week @huobicom leads the pack registering over 53% total world marketshare. To put that
another way, one out of every two bitcoin trades is made on @huobicom. @OKCoinBTC with more
than 39% makes a combined one two punch of 92%:

Data courtesy Bitcoinity.org

The nearest competitor @YourBTCC registers 1.8% marketshare.

There are however some surprises this week. Again @LakeBTC exceeds @Bitfinex this week by about
35K BTC traded. @bitx2014 has increased one position while @gatecoin dropped one. @Coinbase
moved up one notch past @Bitstamp which sits on the bottom of the most traded bitcoin exchanges list.

All currencies weekly by volume and marketshare: current


Previous week all currencies chart


$XBTCNY Weekly

No changes in $XBTCNY week to week in terms of overall position. This week @OKCoinBTC shows
an increase of over 14% marketshare compared to the previous week. @LakeBTC’s trades were very close to
their performance the week before:

xbt cny weekly

Previous week $XBTCNY


$XBTUSD Weekly Marketshare

While @Bitfinex tops the BTCUSD list with @OKCoinBTC second, the surprise this week is
@coinbase taking a third position in BTCUSD traded, surpassing @bitstamp, @btcecom and @bitx2014.


@itbit, @lakeBTC and @gatecoin round out the XBTUSD weekly picture.

$XBTUSD previous week


$XBTEUR Weekly


The only positional changes in XBTEUR this week were @HitBTC moving up from bottom to replace
cex.io which dropped a notch.

This is significant as it indicates it was no flash in the pan last week for @gatecoin to climb to number
two position, now holding that rank two weeks in a row.

Previous week XBTEUR

data courtesy Bitcoinity.org

$XBTGBP Weekly


Not much change in $XBTGBP week to week. Same positions, slightly different percentages.

$XBTGBP previous week


data courtesy Bitcoinity.org

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