Weekly XBT Marketshare: Bit-x doubles to 13% in BTC/USD tops Kraken in BTC/EUR

Sunday February 21 2016

Bit-x doubles to 13% in $BTCUSD, tops Kraken in $BTCEUR

@KittyBitcoin paws at this week’s bitcoin exchange percentage marketshare “wool ball”. We look at $XBTCNY, $XBTUSD, $XBTEUR & $XBTGBP. Estimated read less than 5 minutes. Who did what – and how did it unravel?

All Currencies 7 days


All charts courtesy Bitcoinity.org

@Huobicom’s market leading 51% of marketshare from last week has vanished, sliding to 48%. @OKCoinBTC registers 44% – which is up about 3% from the previous week. @YourBTCC shows about a half percent increase of marketshare over last week and is third overall bitcoin exchange by volume traded worldwide with just 1.8% marketshare. That’s no typo, the top two exchanges account for 92% of the total world market which is up by about one percent over the week before. @LakeBTC lost about one quarter of a percentage over last week’s volume but retains overall number five rank. “Others” has slid a notch indicating a general but small loss of competition in the non top ten exchanges. @Bitfinex has lost 0.30% over last week falling one position lower. @Bitx2014 has gained about 0.35% from last week suggesting that some of Bit-x’s gain came at Bitfinex’s loss. @Coinbase who was seventh overall last week is nowhere to be found. @Bitstamp takes their place. @KrakenFX and @Btcecom flesh out the bottom of the world top bitcoin exchanges by volume for this week.

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$XBTCNY weekly


Huobi has slipped about four percent in one week but still registering top spot in $BTCCNY traded in seven days. OKCoin is up by about three percent. @YourBTCC is up by about 0.4% while @LakeBTC slips about a quarter of a percent to 1% of all BTCCNY traded in seven days. Combined @huobicom and @okCoinBTC traded more than 97% of all $XBTCNY in the last seven days. Looking good if your strategy is total market dominance.

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$XBTUSD Weekly


Combined @bitfinex and @OkCoinBTC drop about six percent over last week but retain number one two rank. This weeks big surprise in $XBTUSD is the first appearance of Bit-x in the number three position with thirteen percent marketshare. Last week @bitx2014 had about six percent, so this week’s numbers are a doubling of their volume in one week. Bit-x continues to move up week after week. @Coinbase freefalls from number three to number six on only about 2.5% marketshare loss week to week. Their reported volume this week is almost 47k bitcoin in BTCUSD. @Bitstamp is up about one percent and holding onto last week’s number four position in XBTUSD. @BTCecom with 8.4% moves into number five rank, up over 1% over last week’s volume. Localbitcoins with 2.2% has supplanted last week’s top ten list appearance by Cex.io who drops off the list for now. @itBit and @LakeBTC in numbers eight and nine rank are unchanged from the previous week.

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Bit-x Dethrones Kraken in $BTCEUR

$XBTEUR Weekly


Bit-x is on fire this week, seizing overall top XBTEUR spot from the gatekeeper @KrakenFX. This is significant, as it marks the very first time in months that Kraken is not the leader in BTC traded in euros. Coupled with Bit-x’s performance in other currency pairs it bodes well for the future of @Bitx2014. With Bit-x in its zenith to date – top value and going up – can an exchange takeover be far away? Also notable this week is Bitcurex’s debut. @HitBTC is also back on the top euro trading bitcoin exchanges list.

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$XBTGBP Weekly


There is no weekly change in overall position in $XBTGBP although @bitx2014 and @KrakenFX have gained. Kraken is up by more than one percent. @Coinbase is essentially unchanged. Coinfloor took a three percent drop in volume week to week.

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