Wealth of Me Lets Users Manage Their Digital Currency Portfolio

When people venture into the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, one thing they might want to do is find a way to check the value of the portfolio at any given time. A lot of traders have currencies stored across multiple wallets and exchange platforms, making it hard to keep track of all of these different values. A new platform, called Wealth of Me, has been launched to address this situation, although it is not a perfect solution.

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Wealth of Me Portfolio Manager

TheMerkle_Portfolio Wealth of Me

Managing one’s vast portfolio of different digital currencies – or even just Bitcoin itself – is not an easy task when funds are distributed among multiple platforms and software solutions. Up until this point, there was no solution available to gather all of this data and put it into one platform accessible by users all over the world.

Wealth of Me wants to address this issue, as it acts as a digital currency calculator which supports multiple coins at the same time. Regardless of whether one deals with Bitcoin itself, or a plethora of altcoins, this platform should be able to help people to track the value of their entire portfolio at all times.

Unfortunately, Wealth of Me is not a mobile application, but rather a web platform. One of the things people need to take into consideration is how the platform will deal with the information users store in the calculator. The website developer addresses this concern by stating how Wealth of Me will only store data in the server’s memory for the conversion process itself, after which all records are erased.

The list of supported altcoins is still limited at this point, although most of the major currencies are available for conversion. Users who hold currencies such as Ripple, Monero, Maidsafe, or Litecoin – to name a few – will be able to use the service. The output currency can be denominated in local fiat currency, Bitcoin, or any of the supported altcoins.

The reason the developer decided not to make the platform into a full-fledged app is to prevent users from copying the code and offer this feature on their site. Whether or not the digital currency community will share this sentiment, remains to be seen. But all in all, Wealth of Me seems to be an attractive platform to keep an eye on.

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