Washington State Remains a COVID-19 Hotspot in the US

The novel coronavirus outbreak in the US seems to primarily focus on Washington state. New evidence is coming to light to explain why this odd situation is in place today.

When a pandemic occurs, every country will have its “hotspots”.

Washington State Remains a Hotspot

In China, that is Wuhan, whereas Italy has the Lombardy region.

For the US, it appears that the main center of activity is Washington state.

The first case in this state was reported in January of 2020.

Ever since, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has increased at an alarming rate.

Several reasons contribute to this particular situation.

First of all, Washington state was the first region in the US where  a positive test occurred.

Secondly, it forced state officials to deploy mass testing and a surveillance response.

This type of first-mover advantage is often a sign of what the future may hold.

While it allows other states to learn from developments in Washington state, it doesn’t help the hotspot region by any means.

With over 450 confirmed cases and 31 deaths, Washington state remains the center of attention right now.

It is very possible that another state will notice an increase in positive tests over the coming days.

There appears to be a pattern as to how novel coronavirus cases are detected these days.