Waltonchain Forgets to Switch Twitter Accounts, Wins Own Contest

Immediately after a tweet announcing the winners for its Valentine’s Day campaign, Waltonchain created a PR nightmare, publishing a response to the tweet written by an excited winner on their own account. Some responses made light of the posting error, with the first Twitter comment reading “forgot to change accounts? lol”. Others accused Waltonchain of rigging the contest and called out some of the other winners (@Waltonchainbot and @Waltonchainuk) as either bots or fake accounts.

Waltonchain (WTC) is a blockchain-based project using RFID tags to monitor inventory in business supply chains. In the hours following “the Twitter incident”, as they’ve named it on their page, Waltonchain’s team put out a formal statement explaining what happened and a two-second proof video on Instagram. In their statement, they claim the team member who posted the results also entered and won the contest. They’ve since banned team members from such contests. It is especially alarming that the person who first posted the contest results was the one responding to their own post in the third person. The video clip displays some code followed by the list of winners, and many are skeptical of its validity.

While some crypto investors are using this as an opportunity to pick up cheap Waltonchain tokens, others are indignant. “If a team is making silly mistakes like that how can we trust them with our money,” said Twitter user @Cryptopando. Whatever happens with Waltonchain, one thing is for certain: this incident has seriously damaged its credibility.