Walmart Pay Is Now Live In Over 30 US States

The world of mobile payments is filled with different competitors these days. Walmart, one of the biggest brands in the US, has created their own payment solution. Walmart Pay, as this concept is called, is slowly expanding its reach across the US. For now, this brings the total to 33-ish available US states, with more to come in the future.

Walmart Pay Expands Its Reach

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As was to be expected, Walmart Pay is becoming more popular every month. It certainly helps this is an in-house developer payment solution by one of the largest store chains in the United States. Unlike external competitors, Walmart needs to make minor internal changes to accept this payment method.

The company has also mentioned they planned a major rollout before the national holiday on July 4th. It looks like Walmart is making good on that promise, as they added a whopping fourteen more states to their tally. This makes Walmart Pay one of the most common mobile payment solutions across major stores in all of the US today.

Interestingly enough, Walmart Pay is only now making its way to more densely-populated US states. Among the newly supported areas are New York, California, and Washington. Particularly New York is of keen interest, as the state is not known for its open mind towards new and innovative payment solutions. Bitcoin is a prime example of that, as cryptocurrency companies need to adhere to very strict rules.

Owners of either an Android or iPhone device can enjoy what Walmart Pay has to offer. Similar to most other mobile payment solutions, Walmart Pay has to sign deals with participating banks. For now, that support is still somewhat limited, albeit it seems more partners will be announced in the coming months.

Walmart Pay doesn’t position itself as a competitor for Android Pay or Apple Pay by any means. The Walmart-built solution uses QR codes to complete payments and wants to promote that particular technology first and foremost. For now, it remains anybody’s guess as to how popular Walmart Pay will become in the next few weeks.

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