Virginia Startup Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Blockchain Voting Platform

A Virginia-based startup has set its sights on modernizing the outdated voting system with the same technology backing the bitcoin digital currency: the blockchain.

Follow My Vote recently launched a kickstarter campaign to help fund their open-source voting platform. With 51 remaining days in the fundraising campaign, the project has raised $2,393 from 23 backers so far. The developer team is hoping to hit their mark of $3.2 million.

Blockchain technology is currently being explored by many financial firms for its transparency and efficiency, and Follow My Vote is hoping to leverage this innovation in building a tamper-free voting system for the digital age:

“Follow My Vote is accomplishing this by using blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography to build an open-source platform that is secure and truly verifiable from end to end.“

Co-founder and CEO of Follow My Vote, Adam Kalen Ernest – who said that he has invested every last dime into the project – is relying on forward-thinking Millennials for the necessary financial support needed to bring this project to completion.

Ernest said in the press release:

“I have poured my life savings into Follow My Vote. When that wasn’t enough, I cashed out my 401K and maxed out my credit cards. We are so close to making history, I can feel it in my bones. I am confident that my fellow Millennials will find it in their hearts to fund this campaign, so that we can get the job done.”

The mess that is the current US presidential election is a perfect example of why the outdated, and archaic, voting system is due for an overhaul. Yesterday, the New York Post ran a story on voter complaints and irregularities in New York’s Primary Day voting process, which spurred an investigation by City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

To demonstrate the efficacy of their voting system, Follow My Vote will be running a demo mirroring the 2016 Presidential Election.


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