Viewly Provides Details on its Upcoming Platform Extension

First-of-its kind extension will allow people to tip YouTube creators and recommend them into Viewly.

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Viewly, a decentralized video platform that utilizes the blockchain, is providing new details on its upcoming Viewly demo and extension.

Viewly disrupts the traditional ad-based model that exists for social video viewing. Its decentralized platform takes control away from third-parties like YouTube and Vimeo and puts it in the hands of creators.

The platform utilizes a peer-to-peer network and smart contracts on the blockchain, so creators can utilize fan patronage, micro-payments, sponsorships, memberships, premium content and more to monetize their content.

Viewly raised nearly $8 million in the private pre-sale portion of its ICO, and is now holding its public token sale.

In the coming weeks Viewly will release a demo version of the platform, which will include a world-first in user/network-based token allocation. The demo will include an extension that has a tool allowing YouTube users to “tip” and recommend creators to Viewly. The extension will be fully functional at the end of the ICO. Creators will be able to reach out to their fan base and encourage them to vote them into Viewly faster. Creators will be able to use the VIEW tokens to immediately monetize their content. Viewly will have a queue and will also be carefully selecting the first batch of creators. If the extension is used prior to the end of the token sale, the tokens used will be the “pre-VIEW” tokens (pictures) which will then be converted into VIEW tokens afterwards.

“We’ve built Viewly as a platform that focuses on talent, not just popularity,” said Stefan Furlan, Director of Viewly. “Our goal is to provide creators an immediate way to build revenue streams, without spending all their time trying to build massive audiences.”

Viewly has already added creators to its ranks, including award-winning film producers and directors, production houses, YouTube personalities, comedians and bands.

As long as creators have a loyal audience – even as small as 300 – they’ll have the opportunity to monetize their content and build their business. They won’t even necessarily need payments from their fans; they could be sponsored to revenue share via another business that pays them in VIEW tokens. Smart contracts can be programmed into the tokens and executed on the blockchain without requiring human staff to conduct transactions.

Viewly’s crowdsale will run until a hard cap of $12 million has been reached, or until March 22.

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