Vietnamese P2P Trading Platform Remitano Enables Bitcoin Cash Support

Bitcoin Cash is a very interesting addition to the cryptocurrency industry. Although it is an alternative version of Bitcoin, the currency seems to have made its mark on the industry. As such, the currency now has its very own peer-to-peer exchange, known as Remitano. This Vietnamese platform launched some time ago and recently decided to add BCH.

Remitano is a Game Changer for BCH

It is quite clear that there is a lot more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin. Even though BTC influences the value of all other cryptocurrencies on the market today, it seems that situation may come to change in the future. With Bitcoin Cash continuing to make its mark on the industry, there are some interesting changes to look forward to, by the look of things.

With Remitano making this change, Vietnamese cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have an easier time buying and selling BCH. This popular peer-to-peer marketplace for Bitcoin Cash will work in a similar way to LocalBitcoinCash. Even so, this is the first major P2P exchange for BCH transactions, according to the team. With all transactions subject to escrow, funds will be kept safe and scammers won’t be successful.

Remitano wants to provide the best prices on the market by keeping their fees down to 0.5%. As of right now, the market average for peer-to-peer trading platforms is closer to 1%, which is pretty steep. The escrow aspect is something everyone can appreciate, as dealing with buyers and sellers directly can be a bit dangerous.

It is not the first time Remitano has made an impact on the cryptocurrency markets. The platform has been around for quite some time now, yet it has only featured Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT until now. The addition of Bitcoin Cash will certainly attract a lot of attention. The Remitano team is convinced that BCH has lower fees and faster confirmations compared to Bitcoin, making it a viable contender.

Given the perceived popularity of Bitcoin Cash, one would have expected other P2P trading solutions to integrate this currency. So far, that has not been the case just yet, which is why Remitano wants to remain ahead of the competition. They see this change as a way to increase the day-to-day use of cryptocurrencies across Vietnam. Whether or not BCH can live up to those expectations remains to be determined.

It will be interesting to see how this business decision plays out for Remitano. Adding a new currency now and then is always a good decision, although there is no guarantee this addition will bring more positive attention to the platform. Whether or not other platforms will integrate Bitcoin Cash moving forward is another question that can’t be easily answered.