Video games and Bitcoin: Runescape to accept Bitcoin

Runescape is an action game where get are a character and level up by doing quests or slaying monsters. You can also work on many skills that allow you to make crafts that are an additional method to earn gold in Runescape.

In this game, you collect gold and use that it to buy items like armor, potions, and weapons. Runescape has been around since 2001 and is still a popular game today. There are even Runescape trading websites such as where you can trade items with other players.

Jagex, the company who created Runescape, is now accepting Bitcoins after partnering with Bitpay.There is a large player base for Runescape; the player base is over 200 million players. Even if only 1% of users use Bitcoin to purchase in-game virtual items for Runescape, which is still a staggering 2 million people using Bitcoin.

There is something David Parrot said that many people will use this new payment system simply because it is there and gives people an option to purchase with Bitcoin. David Parrott said it was “new and shiny” which should be enough to generate interest in itself.

Runescape is not the only game that is beginning to work with Bitcoin. Another game played by many, Minecraft, has a server that accept Bitcoins as well. The website making the Bitcoin Minecraft server is, and it allows you to use Bitcoin in exchange  for Emeralds, which are worth one bit. When you deposit Emeralds into an enchanted chest, they are exchanged for Bitcoin and transferred using the Xapo API.

Microsoft recently started allowing people to buy XBOX games for Bitcoin, making it the largest company to date that accepts Bitcoin. For now it is not accepted for everything that Microsoft offers, just a small selection but that should change over the next couple months or so.

On top of these announcements, Facebook, Spotify, and Ryanair could all begin to accept Bitcoin as well due to a Bitpay deal between Adyen and Bitpay. Adyen happens to also process payments for Jagex making it the first out of 3500 merchants that rely on Adyen for their payment processing.

Adyen is based in Netherlands and processed $25 billion in transactions just in 2014 alone. They are now worth $1.5 billion thanks to a funding round where they raised an additional $250,000 for their business.

With that being said, it’s not long until more companies that rely on Adyen to follow suit and accept Bitcoin as well. People are more likely to try it out since a business that is well known and that they trust is supporting it, and merchants are insulated from exchange risk as well.

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