Video Entertainment Platform Stremio to Partner with Blockchain Ad Platform AdEx

Video entertainment platform Stremio intends to partner with blockchain-based ad exchange AdEx once the exchange becomes fully operational.

Stremio is a semi-open source video entertainment platform launched in 2015. It is designed to host and deliver any kind of video content within the same application. Stremio app has been downloaded by 4 million people so far.

Similar to most video platforms, Stremio monetizes through third-party ads. However, most advertisement placement solutions entail non-transparency and complexities related to bidding and publishing.

AdEx is an ad exchange that offers blockchain solutions for the entire online advertising industry. It seeks to entitle end users to decide which ads to see by specifying their preferences, and to ensure transparency and fairness for advertisers and publishers. Integration with Stremio will allow for blockchainized solution that ensures automatic payouts for ads to publishers, and guarantees transparency to advertisers.

“We believe that incorporating such a reliable solution for ad serving in our platform would dramatically enhance our operations and bring the technologies of monetizing to a whole new level. Partnership with AdEx could be a first step in creating the online advertisement industry of tomorrow,” the Head of Adtech at Stremio Nikola Hristov stated.

Once deployed, AdEx can work with any platform, and is not focused solely on video entertainment platforms.

“The AdEx and Stremio teams will be working closely together on the integration of our solution in their platform once the exchange becomes fully operational. We are looking forward to implementing AdEx in a real-world environment as it will demonstrate the full range of new capabilities and advantages that the blockchain technology can offer to the online advertisement industry,” AdEx’s CMO Vanina Ivanova stated.

This might prove an ultimate real-world test for AdEx. Stremio app has millions of users worldwide, so the platform is of interest for advertisers from multiple industries.

“AdEx can be launched very smoothly with Stremio, and advertisers will have a ready-made audience from the first moment the advertisement network becomes operational,” Vanina Ivanova added.

Recently, AdEx launched a token sale set to fund the development of the blockchain ad network. The beta release of the solution is expected in early 2018.