Viberate’s ICO Will Launch on September 5th to Techno Music

Viberate is launching its ICO on September 5th with a live event where DJ UMEK will perform. This post’s sponsor, Viberate, felt that it was only appropriate to launch their token, which they hope will revolutionize the live performance industry, with a live performance of their own. The event will be streamed on their Facebook page. This project has gotten a lot of attention, and its team is even surprised by intense level of the general public’s interest.

Something Worth Celebrating

The Viberate team has been working tirelessly to meet certain development and marketing deadlines before the launch of their ICO on the 5th of September. Passion, a working product, and a great work ethic has paid off for the team and community feedback suggests that their ICO will do very well.

The team intends to raise $12 Million in Vibe tokens during their ICO and have chosen this as a cap to keep their roadmap driven. Viberate’s CEO, Matej Gregorčič, expects that they may reach this goal in minutes even after their ICO launches. Recently he said:

“We knew that we’ll stand out, because we already have a working service and a good concept. But we never dreamed of getting so much attention from the community. My phone number seems to be a valuable asset and the whole team keeps getting calls from funds and high net worth individuals we don’t even know. My partner even got a call from a Premier League football player. Crazy!”

While this kind of optimism is expected from CEOs of any company, Gregorčič may not be too far off with his prediction. The platform has many things working in its favor already which may add to the success of the ICO. Firstly, they have a cap on the amount being raised. This protects Vibe tokens from hyperinflation since there will be fewer tokens. More importantly, Viberate is already a working platform. Users can look up musician profile in their mammoth catalog and peruse a recently added but truly daunting list of venues as well.

Launching to Techno

Viberate’s team is no stranger to performance. It is their bread and butter. To celebrate the launch of their ICO, co-founder and world renown DJ UMEK will be performing at a launch party. This performance will be streamed over their Facebook page for everyone to see.

This is what DJ UMEK had to say about the launch:

“Of course we’ll throw a party for when the crowdsale launches! What kind of a music service wouldn’t do that? I prepared a special 90-minute set and I’ll play it in our offices in Ljubljana. We want as many people as possible to celebrate this special event with us, so we’ll stream the set live on Facebook. I hope the neighbors will understand that we might cross a line with loud music for a while. They’re invited anyway.”

They also recently launched this really interesting teaser trailer for their upcoming ICO:

If you are interested in the project, be sure to check out their website:

Information on their ICO can be found here:


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