Viberate Partners with Changelly and Opens a Way for a Mass Token Adoption

The token for the live music industry has just become available to a much broader audience, since it’s now available for purchase with Visa or Mastercard via Listing the token on the service also allows for the direct exchange with all other coins and tokens, which makes it even easier to buy VIB with all major cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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Listing the token on Changelly also opens an alternative purchase option for those who already have other coins and tokens, but do not want to use numerous crypto exchanges.

However, Viberate’s co-founder Vasja Veber points out that this deal is especially important to those who are about to enter the world of cryptocurrencies: “After our successful ICO I spent hours explaining how to buy our token to friends and family, who heard about Bitcoin just recently and have no idea what a token is. Before Changelly they needed to open an account at a major exchange, wait to get verified, wire fiat, wait for it to be credited, buy ether or bitcoin, move it to an exchange that lists our token and then they finally got their hands on some VIBs. Now, they only need to get an Ethereum wallet, which takes a few seconds and then buy VIB tokens with their credit card. It’s easier than buying a plane ticket.”

Changelly’s widget is currently featured on, but it will also get integrated into the service itself, allowing users to quickly and seamlessly get VIBs while browsing through hundreds of thousands of musician and venue profiles at “This is extremely important for us, because we are building a music talent marketplace, where musicians will get paid in cryptocurrencies and to achieve enough liquidity, a massive adoption of crypto coins and tokens is paramount. We don’t expect event organizers to go through too much of a hassle to get coins and with Changelly they won’t have to. We will simply integrate their widget into every profile, so in the end the whole user experience will not be much different from buying stuff on Amazon.” Veber explained the planned integration.

Changelly is renowned as a reliable and fast exchange services that offers instant and seamless conversion of 90+ altcoins and tokens at the best rates on the market. It also provides high security standards by enabling a two-factor authentications and a HTTPS security protocol. Changelly also has no amount restrictions and provides its users with effortless exchange of large sums. Their CEO Konstantin Gladych: “We are happy that crypto industry becomes more tightly integrated with music. Changelly will provide thousands of customers with VIB tokens they can use for interaction with the Viberate platform. With our built-in widget, Changelly will enable everyone to seamlessly invest into the live music industry with cryptocurrency.”

Even people who don’t have a credit card or an account at an exchange have an opportunity to get VIB tokens because of Viberate rewarding system. There are 5000 VIBs daily distributed among users that actively contribute to the database, expand the user base and promote Viberate services.

Furthermore, they also signed an endorsement deal with Imogen Heap – a two-time Grammy award winner, who will help the service with advice, network and image and likeness.