Verge’s Timewarp Solution Has Close Similarities to SHIELD’s Implementation

The drama surrounding the Verge cryptocurrency seemingly will not end. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this particular cryptocurrency, for obvious reasons. However, there are also a fair few concerns to contend with, especially given the recent attacks against the network. It now seems some of the code used to patch the latest problem was “borrowed” from a different cryptocurrency.

More Verge Drama to Feast on

Whenever any discussion related to Verge arises, there will be people who oppose new information and others who think the truth needs to be shared as quickly as possible. Allegations always tell just one part of the story, which is especially true when it comes to developments regarding the Verge source code. The latest “incident” is no different in that regard.

For those who are unaware, the Verge network has seen multiple attacks. These so-called 51% attacks have disrupted the XVG network on more than one occasion, and solving the problem has been problematic, to say the very least. Sunerok, the main developer of Verge, has attempted multiple solutions to address the Verge issues, but it seems there is still a lot more work to be done. Addressing any weakness in the code is always troublesome, as it usually requires a very different approach.

According to a recent Medium post, the “fixes” attempted by Sunerok are not the best in terms of quality improvements. That’s because he implemented various countermeasures which do not necessarily solve the ongoing problems directly, yet seem to have made things worse in the process. Addressing the “timewarp attack”, as this problem is known, has proven quite difficult.

After various back-and-forth attempts at fixing the timewarp issue, a new patch was introduced to the Verge blockchain. It is this patch which has caused some people to question who actually developed the code. Coincidences can occur in the world of cryptocurrency, although they are rarer than most people realize. At the time of the magical Verge “fix”, the SHIELD team introduced a patch to address the same issue. Who committed to it first is a topic of debate as of right now.

So far, the Github logs seem to indicate that the SHIELD team solved the timewarp problem first, and that the Verge developers came up with a very similar solution shortly afterward. This doesn’t necessarily mean the code was copied from one repository to another, although it is not hard to see why some people would see it that way. It will be up to individual community members to determine who put together the code first, although the end result is all that matters.

At the end of the day, this is yet another somewhat opaque development to have affected the Verge cryptocurrency. While it is good to see the timewarp issue getting fixed after so long, the hubris on the part of Sunerok still raises a lot of questions. At the same time, a lot of people are fixated on Verge due to sheer bias against this particular currency. It’s an interesting situation which will undoubtedly spark plenty of debate moving forward.