VeChain Technology can be Useful During the Coronavirus Crisis

During the coronavirus crisis, cryptocurrency and blockchain startups can play a crucial role. VeChain is using its native technology to verify COVID-19 masks are legitimate first and foremost.

There are a lot of concerns regarding materials and equipment needed during the coronavirus crisis.

The Role of VeChain During the Coronavirus Crisis

Particularly where face masks are concerned, there is a batch of “approved ones” and ample others that simply don’t meet requirements.

Distinguishing between the two sets can often only be done after the fact, which is far from ideal.

VeChain, the blockchain company, is looking to change that narrative in a positive manner.

Through its native technology, the team will keep track of KN95 masks being produced in China.

This is achieved by working directly with production facilities in the US and China, as well as Real Items.

That latter company is a startup in San Francisco.

Its main focus lies with adding verifiable QR codes to boxes of KN95 masks.

All of these codes contain data that is recorded on the VeChain blockchain.

By scanning the code on the box, retailers will be able to determine if the products are genuine.

An interesting approach, although it needs to be scaled to a global level fairly quickly.

Many countries deal with fake or inadequate coronavirus face masks, a situation that needs to come to an end sooner rather than later.