Nodle’s Coronavirus Contract Tracing app is now Available

Blockchain platforms around the world try to play their part during the coronavirus crisis. Nodle, an IoT blockchain platform, has launched a contact tracing app that may come in handy moving forward.

Nodle is one of the many startups exploring blockchain technology.

Tackling the Coronavirus With Nodle

Its focus lies with the Internet of Things first and foremost.

As such, the company is positioned in a good place to explore coronavirus-related efforts.

Through its contact tracing app, called Coalition, this effort will become more apparent.

It makes use of Nodle Bluetooth LE network to communicate with other devices in the vicinity.

Under the hood, the app creates a random anonymous ID of the user’s identity through Coalition Whisper Tracing.

If users declare they are sick, the IDs will be sent to the cloud where they can be downloaded by other users.

As such, local areas of infection can be identified in a more straightforward fashion.

Contact tracing apps have become a hot topic of conversation during the coronavirus crisis.

Bringing such solutions to market has been challenging, but Nodle has shown it can be done.

How other blockchain projects aiding coronavirus victims will approach this matter, remains to be seen.

Nodle has open source its protocol to ensure other developers can take full advantage of it if need be.