Valorant Directory – Find Valorant Clans and Teams from your region

Lately I’ve been playing quite a bit of competitive Valorant. As I’m not usually a team player and prefer playing by myself, I’ve spent the majority of my time solo queuing. While solo queuing has its advantages, overall you would be at a disadvantage if the other team was a 5 stack.

As such, to achieve my goal of platinum I’ve decided to bite the bullet and look for a Valorant team, or at least other players to queue in with. After doing some research I realized that many of the Valorant looking for clans sites don’t have targeted groups dedicated to finding Valorant players specifically. As such, I’ve given birth to Valorant Directory – a Valorant LFG directory that lists various discord groups where players can find teammates. – find valorant clans

So far we only have a few listings on our platform, with only minimal information on each team. As we test out the different groups, the listings will be updated accordingly.

Moreover, we’ve separated the listings by region which is a huge factor to consider when looking for others.

If you are a serious Valorant player aiming to delve into competitive esports, then finding like minded individuals should be your top priority to further your own progress.