US Presidential Election Should Fear Non-Voters More Than Cyber Attacks, Experts Say

With the US Presidential elections taking place today, there are some concerns over hacking attempts and other cybersecurity threats. If the vote were to be disrupted, chaos would ensue, and both candidates would blame the other for it. Security experts, however, feel confident that there will be no attacks, either online or offline.

US Presidential Election Security Concerns

Even though the US government is not overly concerned about cyber attacks today or in the coming days, they remain on high alert. Anything out of the ordinary will be reported and investigated immediately. All law enforcement agencies are ready for the worst, as well, although it remains to be seen if something will happen to begin with.

Flashpoint Intelligence Analyst, Ian Gray, seems to affirm these statements, as he feels it is highly unlikely that any vote tampering will take place. Regardless of who wins the election, Americans should expect the opposing party to challenge the result. Data tampering may be the least of concerns for some, but an unusual outcome will raise a lot of questions, regardless.

US law enforcement agencies have been monitoring Jihadi chatter over the internet in recent weeks. During these monitoring campaigns, they picked up nothing about voting disruption or  terrorist attacks. Nor are there any calls for violence overall, which is a positive thing.

It is hardly surprising that very few people outside of the US show a legitimate interest in the election. While the fate of the world may depend on it, most people realize the truth that neither candidate is a viable option. Resignation is starting to set in, even before the votes are cast or tallied.

What is rather surprising is how the jihadists are trying to encourage their US-based supporters not to vote at all. A similar sentiment can be felt across the world, as there are more and more voices stating how people should not vote and oppose both candidates. Whether or not that will be the case remains to be seen.

Perhaps this upcoming US election needs a major cyber attack to wake people up. Out of over 300 million people, the current two candidates have been scraped from the bottom of the barrel, it seems. Even though the idea of “needing a leader” remains a subject to debate, this Presidential election is an excellent example of why we don’t need leaders all that much.

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