US Judge Denies Latest Stalling Tactics By GAWMiners Lawyers

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts get a sour taste in their mouths when thinking back to how GAWminers scammed thousands of individuals. It was only a matter of time until a legal complaint was filed against the company, and it appears some more news has become available. Despite the company lawyers’ best attempt to have the case thrown out, Judge Michael P. Shea has rejected their motion.

GAW Miners Court Case Takes Another Turn

About a week ago, the US court received a motion from the GAWMiners legal team to obtain a default judgment. This motion would apply to both GAWMiners and ZenMiner LLC. It appears the person filing this motion is Stuart A. Fraser, who is desperately trying not to get mixed up the whole GAWMiners / ZenMiner court case.Unfortunately for Stuart, things are not going his way.

After the court reviewed the motion, they denied this proposal as it does not address the operative complaint. Moreover, the court also denied the request for an extension of time regarding an earlier motion. To make things look even more bleak for Stuart and the companies he claims to have no ties with is how the deadline to file a motion for default judgment is now officially vacated.

The ruling regarding this motion’s dismissal also states:

“The Court notes that a brief review of the amended complaint suggests that it sets forth separate claims for relief against Mr. Fraser and the defaulting defendants, but that some of the issues in those claims may overlap (e.g., falsity of statements). The Plaintiffs are not required to renew these motions promptly and may, if they choose, wait to do so until after the Court rules on the pending motion to dismiss (which would obviate the need to address the stay issue) and/or after the Court enters any judgment with respect to Defendant Fraser.”

While all of this legal mumbo-jumbo confuses a lot of people, grasping the gist of the situation is not overly difficult. The US court and the judge presiding over this case are getting fed up with the stalling tactics presented by the GAWMiners / ZenMiner team. Moreover, the court is getting rid of any excuses or backdoors the defense attorneys can use to keep dragging their heels. It is due time a verdict is rendered regarding GAWMiners and the people who are part of this company.

It is positive to see Judge Michael P. Shea takes such an aggressive stance toward these stalling tactics. GAWMiners and ZenMiner scammed thousand of people with their illegitimate practices, and the people who aided in doing so need to stand trial and face the consequences. All of this seems to hint at how we will finally get some closure when it comes to one of the most notorious scam operations in the history of cryptocurrency.

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