US Gun Shop Owners Hope Black Friday Can Rekindle Sales Figures

Black Friday is almost upon us, which means that consumer shopping expenses will reach unprecedented levels once again. Most people will be looking for Christmas gifts, but the firearms industry is hoping for a busy period as well. US gun shop owners had predicted an increase in sales right before the 2016 presidential election. However, that also means that they will struggle to meet last year’s Black Friday revenue.

Can Black Friday Be A Good Day For Firearms Dealers?

When one thinks of Black Friday, purchasing firearms usually doesn’t come to mind. Things are a bit different in the United States, though, where buying a firearm is almost as normal as owning a smartphone these days. This is good news for gun shop owners, as they have seen a nice revenue bump ahead of the 2016 US Presidential elections.

In fact, the month of October has created record revenue, as guns and pistols were sold like ice cream on a hot day. If Hillary Clinton had won the election, restricting gun ownership would have been one of the top priorities. Now that she has lost the election, however, the question becomes whether or not this gun-buying trend will continue or drop off sharply.

Some gun shop owners have already noticed a sharp decline in revenue since the results were made public. However, with Black Friday around the corner, they may be able to salvage most of these losses. Black Friday 2015, allegedly featured record activity in gun shops all across the US, which is positive news for retailers in the industry.

Optimists predict that revenue will be similar to last year’s, although the final tally could be a bit higher than anticipated. Even though gun manufacturers will never publicly release sales figures themselves, they do share background check information. This gives a somewhat reliable indication as to how many purchases are being made in a particular period.

Regardless of what sales numbers Black Friday will produce, revenue for major gun manufacturers is predicted to increase. Smith & Wesson is projecting a 28% increase compared to last year. That is quite a noteworthy gain, but also rather stereotypical of how Americans think and feel about gun ownership in general.

One thing that people should hope for is that no one will buy a gun during Black Friday to vent his or her anger over long shopping queues. It is the busiest holiday of the entire year, and it would not be the first time that riots are a direct result of people trying to score bargains.

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