Unstoppable Domains Launches a $1m Grant to Advance Blockchain Domain Support

Building a website domain infrastructure on the blockchain is never easy. The technological side is not the hard part, but getting people to use the service can be a major hurdle.

For Unstoppable Domains, the time is now to strike. Earlier today, the team confirmed it will offer a $1m grant to any service providers integrating their technology. 

Another Push Forward for Unstoppable Domains

For wallet service providers, this seems like a no-brainer. Users can create a custom domain to send and receive money, rather than dealing with complex wallet addresses.

Furthermore, these domains can be used to streamline the cryptocurrency payments space as a whole. 

Although several wallets already support this technology, there is still plenty of time for further growth. This grant program can give Unstoppable Domains a major push forward.

So far, the project has sold over 150,000 domain names. Those figures confirm there is a genuine interest in owning a .crypto or .zil domain extension. 

Unstoppable Domains CEO Matt Gould adds:

“The cryptocurrency community is quickly adopting blockchain domains, but we want to make it even easier for apps to integrate blockchain domains. This grant program can help wallets, browsers and other apps embrace them sooner. The more apps that support blockchain domains, the more useful they are to users.”

It is not the first time this project offers a grant to ecosystem participants.

 Not that long ago, they offered $250,000 to partners such as Atomic Wallet and imToken. 

Bringing support for these domains to browsers will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. That said, some browser providers have begun warming up to cryptocurrency and blockchain as of late.