Unleashing Unstoppable Gains: Arbitrum Odyssey Relaunches, Investors Flock to Everlodge, Leaving Aptos in the Dust!

The uncertainty in the crypto market hasn’t stopped projects from moving on with developments. n recent developments, Arbitrum’s exciting Odyssey event is back. However, a counterfeit Aptos token disrupted the market, causing investors to shift their focus to Everlodge.

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Arbitrum Odyssey Relaunches

Earlier in the year, Arbitrum celebrated the success of its airdrop with Odyssey. After a halt, the project is set to relaunch its Odysseys again beginning on September 26th. This event will span seven weeks, featuring a new mission each week.

This relaunch offers participants a chance to win NFT rewards over seven weeks. This relaunch provides an excellent opportunity to explore the Arbitrum network and its offerings. And this will include 13 different events.

The relaunch has marginally benefited the Arbitrum coin, with its price increasing to $0.8137. The Odyssey is projected to increase the activity on the network. This could cause the price of Arbitrum to rally to the $1 resistance in the coming weeks.

Aptos Token Withdrawal Suspension

A token disguised as the Aptos caused a temporary disruption in services on the South Korean exchange Upbit. This disruption occurred when some were able to deposit and withdraw the counterfeit Aptos coin. 

Approximately 400,000 wallets are holding this counterfeit token. These fake Aptoc crypto tokens originated from the fraudulent airdrop website ClaimAPTGift.com. The scammer’s token had only a small decimal difference from the native token. 

Without this difference, users could have received ten times their intended value. This has negatively affected the Aptos price. the token has dropped from $5.75 to $5.2. If the bearish momentum persists, the price of APT could test the $5 support level.

Investors Leave Aptos and Arbitrum for Everlodge Over Better Gains

With the Aptos token being under significant bearish pressure, investors have been moving to Everlodge. The migration is fuelled by predictions that Everlodge will yield up to 20x gains before the end of the year. 

Crypto experts are bullish about Everlodge because it is the first blockchain property marketplace that allows users to invest in real estate using NFTs. Everlodge will introduce a unique shared ownership model via fractional non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

By digitalizing and fractionalizing timeshares properties, Everlodge will allow investors with as little as $100 to invest in vacation homes, hotels, and luxury villas. The team will partner with trusted hotel chains and luxury real estate developers across the world to list these properties on its marketplace.

The platform aims at making the investment of timeshares property easier. With the prospect of introducing hundreds of thousands of investors into the timeshares market, there are strong bullish predictions for Everlodge. The project is in its fourth presale stage and an ELDG token trades at $0.019.

Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale:

Website: https://www.everlodge.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/everlodge

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