United Kingdom Considers A Second Referendum To Undo Brexit

Ever since the Brexit voting took place, there have been rumors about organizing a second vote. As unlikely as that may seem, former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, strongly feels a lot of Brits are second-guessing their original decision. The decision to leave the European Union has been made official months ago; sorrow always comes too late.

Tony Blair Envisions A History Rollback

Radical decisions are often the source of controversy, and the Brexit is no exception in that regard. The decision made by the British people to leave the European Union came as quite a surprise to everyone. At that time, it seemed to be the right decision for over 51% of the population, but things are looking bleaker than ever for the UK.

Tony Blair feels that there is a way to reverse this referendum if push comes to shove. The only way for this to be possible would be for the Britons to change their mind, which is not impossible to achieve. The UK parliament, however, would also need to organize a second vote or a general election. Holding another referendum is possible too, though it would not necessarily bring a different outcome.

At the moment, the United Kingdom is still awaiting the deal they will be offered in exchange for leaving the EU. Assuming this deal is not acceptable, the plans will move ahead to revert the Brexit like it never happened. Whether or not the EU would go along with that decision is anybody’s guess right now.

Ever since the Brexit vote, things have been tough financially for the UK. The Pound Sterling has been on the decline ever since and has even reached its lowest value in thirty years. Moreover, the local economic growth has nearly stagnated, which is to be expected when showing a desire to isolate the nation from the rest of the continent.

Tony Blair is not the only one who proposes a subsequent referendum, though. UK courts are currently looking over five, or potentially more, legal challenges against the Brexit. At the same time, the exit negotiations between the EU and the UK have not even begun, even though the votes were tallied nearly six months ago.

A second referendum could wipe out the first one, effectively erasing a piece of history. While there is still a lot that needs to happen before this can become a reality, the thought alone is rather strange. The people have spoken, yet government officials are once again looking to do their own thing, as they “know what’s best.”

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