Unifying Work And Education Records, Workchain Brings Verification of Employment And Credentials on Blockchain Through workID App

The workforce economy is a trillion dollar industry that is fragmented. A number of job boards store information about job seekers in the form of their CVs and bio data. Companies looking for employees have to sign up for multiple job hunting websites to ensure that a good candidate list is made. Employers sift through the multi level data for the perfect employee. Selecting the perfect person with the right education and skill set is paramount for employers.

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Issues In The Current Market

For any company or an organization, selection of the right person means fulfillment of their tasks. All the HR team or the recruiter has is a CV and a short interview to determine if a suitable person is available.

Verification of background such as employment history, skills, education and pays are becoming more and more difficult as the process is becoming time and resource consuming. Globalization also means that at times potential employees are not from the same geographical area or are from other countries, making verification even more difficult.

As such, their is always a chance that a candidate is not reflecting true information to employers.

WorkID: Immutable Solution To Employee Verification

workID is a decentralized application built to work on the Workchain platform. Workchain is a ledger of verified and trusted information on job seekers, ensuring that employers are not deceived through false information on CVs.

WorkID essentially becomes a decentralized, blockchain based digital CV of candidates. Employers can seek out suitable people for their organization through the DApp, which holds data such as employment history (inclusive of companies worked at, start and end dates, positions held etc.), contract details, specific and general skills, educational qualifications and pay packages. Employers, by viewing verified records such as these, are assured that the short listed candidates profiles are true representation of actual people.

The verified profile will be built from a collection of other blockchain personal and professional verification platforms, such as CIVIC, uPORT, Bitnation etc. Since the blockchain is an immutable data collection that cannot be altered, the profiles built on the Workchain platform will be at their most authentic level.

This enables quality hiring, enabling companies to stress less on recruitment and more on getting the job done with the right person.

Faster Hiring, Faster Pay

Workchain is also working on another decentralized application workPay, that will work in conjunction with workID, allowing instant payout to employees hired through the Workchain platform.

The simple, blockchain payment system means that companies will not only be able to pay instantly, but with automation, they will need not worry on payroll development and wage calculations. The employees also benefit since their hard earned money will be available to them quickly.

workID is currently in operation and available through invite only or joining Workchain’s Telegram. Workchain hopes to have its sister DApp, workPAY up and working in a few months.

To know more about the blockchain CV platform, visit their website