UK Residents Can Now Pre-order the micro:bit Programmable Board

Learning to code is an important part of education, or so it should be, at least. Over in the United Kingdom, a new programmable board has been made available to the public. Albeit this device was originally intended for educational purposes only, there was an overwhelming demand for the micro:bit.

The micro:bit Teaches Anyone How To Code

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Earlier this year, the BBC launched an educational effort to get more children excited about coding and developing software. To do so, the company has issued 1 million micro:bit programmable boards to various schools in the UK. But it became apparent rather quickly that others were interested in this project as well.

The long wait is over, as the BBC has made the micro:bit programmable board available the public. Pre-orders can be placed through the Element14 website, a platform most people know from being the heart and center of coding tools and gadgets. For the price of GBP12.99, users can obtain the board itself, of pay 2 Pounds Sterling extra for a starter pack.

Children need to be stimulated regarding coding and developing software. Rather than just using applications and tools, it is equally important to learn how these things work under the hood. The micro:bit initiative will go a long way in this regard as it uses various programmable sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and various opportunities to link to other devices.

It is important to note the micro:bit is not in direct competition with the Raspberry Pi, although some people may perceive it as such. The primary demographic for this device is children aged 11 and up. The Raspberry Pi, while also very user-friendly is more tailored towards young adults and up.

At the time of writing, it is rather difficult to estimate how many people will pre-order the micro:bit going forward. It is certainly a very inexpensive solution to learn children to code, and it is a platform adults will enjoy as well. Even if just a few people embrace the micro:bit, the next generation of codes will be created.

Source: TechCrunch

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