Twitter Account @Bitcoin Removes all References to Bitcoin Cash

The cryptocurrency industry needs a weekly dose of drama. When there are no scams or dubious investments to discuss, the conversation usually turns to social media. Some very interesting things are going on regarding the @Bitcoin account on Twitter. It has seemingly dropped all support for Bitcoin Cash. This is widely considered to be a victory for Bitcoin maximalists

The @Bitcoin Drama Unfolds

When people search online for “Bitcoin” the top results will be rather confusing. The official website and Satoshi Nakamoto‘s whitepaper will show up within the first five results. However, there is also the @Bitcoin Twitter account, which – until recently – had little or nothing to do with the real Bitcoin. Instead, it was blatantly advertising Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin, even though one is an altcoin and the other is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. 

This confusion is only fueled by visiting the website. It has little to do with BTC, but serves as a medium for Bitcoin Cash supporters and enthusiasts first and foremost. For novice users, this is incredibly confusing and will eventually deter people from getting involved in cryptocurrency. Slowly but surely, however, that situation is now improving. Exact details are scarce to come by, but there have been some interesting developments.

Many people assumed the owner and the @Bitcoin account owner were one and the same person. Given the recent developments, that no longer appears to be the case. In fact, it raises questions as to whether this was the case, to begin with. All mentions of Bitcoin Cash –  or BCH – have been removed from the Twitter account. It seems some sort of argument occurred between both parties. @Bitcoin is now advertising the proper Bitcoin, rather than a forked version which most people still oppose to this day. 

To make this debacle more interesting, some circumstantial evidence has begun popping up. A Reddit post from a while ago claims Roger Ver knew the owner of the @Bitcoin handle. As such, there is a lot of speculation to contend with. Either Ver knows what is going on, or both parties simply disagree after years of working together. It is evident that the Twitter account has no intentions of supporting BCH again, which raises even more questions. 

On Twitter, there are some intriguing opinions regarding this situation. Charlie Lee, the Litecoin founder, has come up with a fun theory. He claims there was a romantic relationship between Roger Ver and the @Bitcoin account owner. There is no credible evidence to back up these claims. However, all options should be kept on the table, as this fallout is very sudden and without any warning. It also seems like a lot of Bitcoin users are now unblocking @Bitcoin again since it stopped promoting Bitcoin Cash. 

When looking at the big picture, this won’t change anything in the near future. It is certainly true Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two different things. It is due time for all of these confusing efforts to come to an end. Whether that is on Twitter or somewhere else, the lines between both projects need to be drawn more clearly. This development marks an important first step in that regard. Users can still make up their mind as to which of the two projects is better. 

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.