TRON Wants to Help Build a Blockchain Ecosystem for Soccer

It seems TRON will continue to make media headlines for some time to come. There have been a lot of interesting developments over the past few weeks. Most recently, a new joint venture with vSport was announced. The goal is to launch a new blockchain centered around soccer. Bringing sports and distributed ledgers together in a meaningful manner can have many consequences.

Another Major Development Involving TRON

Not a week goes by without TRON making headlines in one way or another. Whether it is the potential acquisition of BitTorrent or the upcoming mainnet launch, people are genuinely excited to see what will come next for this project. A partnership with vSport is not necessarily something most enthusiasts expected, although it remains to be seen how much impact this venture will really have when everything is said and done.

With this new partnership, both teams will focus on a rather unusual market. The companies will share resources and collaborate on technical challenges associated with blockchain technology in the sports industry. More specifically, making distributed ledgers more commonplace in soccer will be very challenging, although it is not impossible by any means.

Given TRON’s market position, a partnership of this magnitude seems to make a lot of sense. The company offers a blockchain-based DApp OS and aims to decentralize the World Wide Web. As such, the project will need to focus on many areas. A blockchain developed for the sports industry is not necessarily one of the main use cases most users would think of, but it seems both companies have a plan to make it work.

TRON Founder Justin Sun commented on this development as follows:

Combining soccer, and even sports in general, with blockchain technology will effectively expand community support for blockchain. This will provide people with an enhanced experience of blockchain and even change their lifestyles. That’s what we are going for with this TRON/vSport partnership. Qiang Bai is a successful serial web-entrepreneur and is also a diehard soccer fan. Qiang has always sought to promote soccer. Then we have Wesley Sneijder, who not only helped the Netherlands dominate the field, but also has spearheaded soccer-related projects off the field. As a fast learner that embraces blockchain technology, it’s likely that Wesley will completely change the structure of the soccer ecosystem through this initiative. TRON very much looks forward to this partnership.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the new platform will entail exactly. It will seemingly be a blockchain-based soccer results forecasting service that will improve the overall soccer watching and entertainment experience. It’s an interesting venture to keep an eye on, but for now, it remains unclear if this concept has any long-term potential.