TriForce Tokens Readying for Beta Launch of RaidParty App

The blockchain-based gaming startup,  TriForce Tokens, has announced they will soon be launching their platform, RaidParty App, a jumping off point for their overarching crypto-fueled vision for gaming.

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TriForce Tokens to release mobile game

The launch of the RaidParty app begins with the release of the startup’s first ever mobile game, Wargate — a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that can be played on either Android or iPhone. The release is slated for May, 7th 2018 and will involve a plethora of prizes and bonuses for initial participants.

The grand prize will be 10 ETH (nearly $7,000 USD at press time) and will be rewarded to any player lucky enough to win the game’s jackpot draw. This prize is only available to players that complete at least 10 matches within the 30 day reward period.

Additionally, the release will only be accessible by the first 150,000 players with anyone able to sign up at the official RaidParty website. Furthermore, over 21,000 people have already signed up to take advantage of the RaidParty launch prizes.

Other Prizes and Offerings

Other than the flagship game, WarGate, RaidParty will also be hosting two other mobile games: Twisty Roads and Racers Squad. Through these two games, players will also have a chance to win some crypto-rewards, in both ETH and the platform’s native token, FORCE.

The FORCE rewards will be handed out after accomplishing certain tasks in either Twisty Roads, Racers Squad, or WarGate — and a whole slate of other games the startup plans to release in the future.

Force tokens will be be redeemable at a later development stage for gaming merchandise, exclusive access to content or even exchanged for other cryptocurrencies — according to the official TriForce Tokens press release.

TriForce Tokens Further Cements Its Reputation with Key Partnership

Just recently, TriForce Tokens established a partnership with The GameWall Studios, a game publishing studio based out of Cambridge, UK. According to the official press release, the studio apparently has close ties to a rapidly emerging indie game market in Latin America.

This seems to fit with TriForce Tokens overall strategy thus far, which has been to specifically target Latin American gaming markets — something they’ve shown an interest in in doing in the past by partnering up with Busca Todo, the leading publisher for video game content in the region.

Together with and, the  combined companies have a global reach of over 10 million gamers throughout their communities.

Additionally, Some of the more recent partnerships TriForce Tokens has formed have included bringing on successful venture capitalist David Drake and retired pro gamer Danny Montaner, AKA fRoD, E-sports manager of FaZe Clan and former world champion CS:GO professional.

TriForce Tokens  has been aggressively pursuing business relationships with other companies in the gaming industry from the very beginning. By bringing on reputable names such as David Drake and brands such as Busca Todo, the startup is hoping to make a name for itself in the cryptosphere and in blockchain-based gaming,

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